Why, yes, I am a collector

I never thought of myself as a collector. I am not one for groups of objects. I don’t have a thing for pigs, or cats, or owls or any of the other things that other people collect to great effect. In my head, I am a Minimalist. I live in a cool, clean house of straight lines and clear surfaces. In reality, this is not the case (hello Lego, Ninjago, Nerf, etc), but I’ve never actively gone out of my way to add clutter to my home.

This morning, however, I realised that I am a collector. I know this, because I cleaned out my wallet. It wasn’t closing anymore. It was bulging, the zipper straining.

I am a collector of receipts. Big ones, small ones, useful ones, useless ones, I have them all. About 45 of them in total this time around.

One day, they’re going to be worth a lot of money. I just know it.

Do you, like me, put every receipt you’re ever given straight into your wallet, and then carry them around for months? Or are you… sensible?

photo credit: Herr Olsen via photopin cc