Have you done your Christmas shopping?

The year is truly galloping along now. We’ve reached that point where trying to organise a date to meet with friends becomes a comedy of checking and cross-referencing and text messages back and forth … until finally you all agree that mid-January looks great.

My ‘before Christmas’ craziness has begun, with editors and corporate clients all needing their work in the door on Christmas Eve. Why, I’m not sure. It’s not like Santa’s elves will be popping in over the break to actually do anything with the copy filed. But I’m just as happy to have everything tied up by then, so I smile and nod and work late into the night.

In the meantime, the Christmas shopping is not done. Actually, not even thought about. And I can feel the underlying stress that comes with that. There is nothing I hate more than last-minute Christmas shopping. Elbowing your way through crowds with those crazy elevator-music carols hammering in your brain.

Usually, I have most of the shopping well and truly wrapped up by now. (I know it’s only November. The carols start in October, you know!) But this year we were moving house during the big sales and I got caught short.

Unfortunately, the closer it gets to Christmas, the less I feel like stirring myself to shop.

So for now I’ll concentrate on texting my friends and meeting my deadlines. Surely Santa will take care of the shopping?

Have you done your Christmas shopping? Or, in fact, anything Christmassy at all?