Everyone needs a rostered day off – or not

My boys have hit the wall. With four weeks to go until the end of the school term, and a million tests, concerts, grading days, swimming lessons, parties, activities and other essentials to get through, they’re both so tired they can’t cope. They can fight though. Oh yes, always enough energy for that.

In an effort to make the mornings more pleasant for all of us, I have decided to give them both a rostered day off. An old-fashioned mental health day. A day at home to hang out with me, loll about on the sofa unmolested by their brother (yes, separate days or we’d all go mad), watch a dvd, read a book, get horribly bored and, hopefully, feel all refreshed for school the next day.

I will work around them. It will be just like the not-so-good old days.

This is the plan, anyway.

I tried to give Mr5 an RDO last week, when I was having to wake him at 7.45am for school, and he was particularly ornery about the house. He thought it was a good idea, until he remembered that he was on compost duty that day.

“I have to go,” he said, leaping out of bed. “I’ve got a job today.”

“Er, okay,” I said, thinking ‘are you nuts?’. “But are you sure?”

“Oh yes,” he said. “I’ll get a sticker and that will be one more for my chart and then I’ll only have eight more to go to finish the plane. Time’s running out, Mum!”

I tried to remember a time in my life when the notion of getting a sticker would win out over a day at home in my pyjamas. Couldn’t.

I tried not to feel a little put out that he would choose compost over hanging out with me. Couldn’t.

So we’ll try again tomorrow.

If the compost wins again, all bets are off.

Do you ever give your kids a day off school just because?