Ye Olde School Photo, warts and all

Posted on October 27, 2012

Tis the season of school photos. The boys bought home their snaps yesterday and they have been suitably admired. Mr5, who has been sporting one of those weird childhood blotches on the side of his mouth for six months, is surprisingly blotch-free, but surely they don’t airbrush them… surely?

In honour of the occasion, I have dragged out my own third grade photo, taken in Katherine, NT, when I was eight. It is the first school photo in which I am actually smiling, as in previous years I’d been missing one front tooth. The front tooth I knocked out when I was 13 months old and which took SEVEN years to grow back. No wonder my smile is crooked.

Also, I’m wondering when the Prince Valiant do will make a comeback, I really am.

Do you still have your third grade school photo? I’d love to see it. Share it on my Facebook page or write your own blog post and let me know about it in the comments.

Updated: These hardy souls have been silly brave enough to take up my challenge – check out their pics:

Angels Have Red Hair
Adventures of a Subversive Reader 
Shambolic Living 
House Goes Home

Let me know if you join in and I’ll add you to the list!

And, seriously, do you think they’re PhotoShopping your kids’ school photos? Would you want them to?

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  1. Alana

    Oooh, I blogged about my years in primary school a few months back, with photo … http://housegoeshome.com/2012/02/14/who-were-you-in-primary-school/
    I’ll reblog it this arvo in your honour.
    As for the photoshopping debate – my six-year-old’s came home with her fruit break all over her face, I wouldn’t have minded that being removed at some point …

  2. Sam Stone (A Life on Venus)

    I can’t believe they Photoshop kids photos!
    I wish I could put mine up but they are all in storage at my parents place – I will need to get them when I am next there.

  3. Mrs BC

    I was horrified when MonkeyBoy’s kindy photo was photoshopped last year. I called the photographer wanting to know where the 4 stitches on his face had gone, and was told that they photoshop as a matter of course “broken arms and everything’. I thought it was supposed to be a record of your child in that moment in time? Anyway – they sent me an unphotoshopped copy, but implied I was strange for wanting it.

    Love the Prince Valient!

  4. Photographer Mum

    I used to work for a photography company doing schools, preschools & sports clubs and none of our images were photoshopped. I received my daughter’s photos last term and I don’t think they have been either.
    We used to have parents ask us to photoshop their kids photos, but that was mostly if they had scratches or pimples or something. We didn’t do it though as it would have added a huge amount of work, especially when you are photographing several different schools, preschools & sports clubs in any given week.
    I do have my 3rd grade photo somewhere, but no idea where it is at the moment… taken back in 1991, freckles and all.

  5. River

    Look at you! You were such a cutie.
    If I had known you were doing old school photo day, I would have put mine up. It’s right here on the wall in my living room, black and white, from 1960.

    • allison tait

      I love it! Such a solemn little face – and great hair!

  6. minsmash.com

    I think you were very cute in Year 3! 🙂 Re photoshopping – YES they do that with school photos now. My daughter goes to a private high school and they photoshop any stray hairs or blemishes right out of the photo’s. I have taken up your challenge and put a Year 3 photo of myself on my blog. I tweeted you and have put the link on your FB page. I wish they had photoshop back then – as you’ll see they could have put it to good use on the photo of me! lol

    • allison tait

      I saw your link – and love your pic!!!

  7. Lisa@RandomActsOfZen

    I see your Prince Valiant and raise you a “lioness”, and I conveniently can’t find the photos. 🙂
    As for photoshopping, that’s crazy and sad!

    • allison tait

      One day I want to see that ‘lioness’. One day.

  8. Caroline

    Ha, love the prince valiant!

    • allison tait

      *bows* Why thank you. 🙂

  9. Maxabella

    PS – There is no way that school photos should be photo shopped. That would kind of take away the whole point!! x

  10. Maxabella

    I’m meant to be looking for whoopie pie recipes, but when I saw that school photo pop up on my blog, I had to dash right over. Not to laugh, necessarily, no, not that… … …

    I will dig up that one of me in the ‘I climbed the rock’ t-shirt to make you feel better.


    • allison tait

      Oh yes! I’d forgotten that particular classic…

  11. Mum on the Run

    We had a family snap taken for a fundraiser last year. I loved the pic as they photoshopped us (without request!) and I looked years younger!! Hubby hates the pic and won’t display it because it looks fake.
    He also fired up when the Army photoshopped his freckles out of his ID photo!!
    I guess he prefers the authentic look!

    I love your pic.
    Mine are in a box, in a roof, in Ireland somewhere unfortunately.

    • allison tait

      Sad about the pics – and I agree with your hub – what’s wrong with freckles????

    • allison tait

      Love it! Have shared your link on my FB page. x

  12. Lipgloss Mumma

    I have heard of photo shopping on school photo’s and I think it is absolutely appalling. I actually asked my school if the people they use engage in the practice and I was assured not. How sad is it when the world thinks it is okay to photo shop our children??

    By the way, I love your photo, crooked smile and all.

    Have no idea where mine are at the moment being in the midst of packing. I’ll have to drag it out when we move, or not!


    They are photoshopping, I know for a fact. My daughter and another girl with the same sandy blonde hair colour and pale complexions, as well as a slightly faded school jumper, came home with photos depicting dark navy look-like-new jumpers, rosy cheeks and ORANGE hair.
    Effing furious.

    • Lipgloss Mumma

      That’s ridiculous Cate! Makes me so angry.

    • allison tait

      What she said!

    • allison tait

      Not that there’s anything wrong with orange hair… not at all… when you’re meant to have it.

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