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Posted on October 2, 2012

Being the late adopter that I am, I have recently joined Pinterest. I know. Only two years behind the Cool Kids who have now moved on to some other new thing that I’ve never heard of and will probably laugh derisively about when it’s explained to me. Like I did with Pinterest.

I confess I still don’t really get Pinterest. I think you can tell that merely by looking at the names of some of my ‘boards’:

•Things I Love But Will Never Do

•People Who Don’t Have Red Hair Don’t Know What Trouble Is

•Actually Useful If Not All That Pretty

•Food I Would Like To Make One Day

You see what I’m saying here? I think I’m missing the Pinterest vibe.

Having said that, I found myself in there on Friday night gleefully pinning photos of bathrooms. Mostly because Fam Fibro fell prey to a virulent vomiting virus, which took care of most of last week, and I wanted soothing pictures of bathrooms in which people never puke.

I’m not sure if this is the intended purpose of Pinterest, but yes, it did help, thank you for asking.

If you would like to share my images of bathrooms, or in fact those actually useful things, feel free to come on over and say hi. I’m here. I’ll be waiting. Gaily pinning pictures of bunting while I wait.

Are you on Pinterest? Can you explain it to me?



  1. John Lacey

    I have a friend who is completely obsessed with Pinterest. When I asked him to explain to me, his reply was essentially, “PIN ALL THE THINGS!”

    I started an account but have used it only to collect design ideas (for part of my studies). It doesn’t hold a candle to Twitter for me in terms of personal enjoyment.

  2. Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock

    I was a slow comer to Pinterest too. I actually avoided it for so long as everyone warned me on how addictive it was. However, I’m on there now…I go on every now and then and pin stuff 🙂 Not totally addicted though, I must say. It serves it purpose by giving me some visual inspiration when needed.
    I love your board names :))))

  3. kaichronicles.com

    I used it for a day then someone said to me, “I hope you read the fine print”. I got scared and haven’t been on much since. I’ll have a peek now that it’s been brought up again. I like pinning others pics (re-pinning) but I think I’ll steer clear of pinning my own. Good luck.

  4. Diminishing Lucy

    I love it. But I am not addicted. I use it to store and file images. It’s Stumble for pictures….xx

  5. Lisa@RandomActsOfZen

    I love Pinterest like I love reality TV, it helps me not think for a little while. Very addictive, but also somehow satisfying.
    Hope you’re all recovered.

    • allison tait

      We are. Thank you!

  6. allison tait


  7. Maxabella

    It’s a visual thing… we are all collectors. And an inspirational thing… we are all coveters. And a creative thing… we are all inspirers.

    That said, us cool kids have moved onto Cowbird. Ha! But Pinterest will always have my heart as well.


  8. Cath

    I’m a designer, so I collect visual ideas. I love it for that… it doesn’t clutter up my studio pinboard with magazine cutouts AND I can find extra info if I need it. Oh, and eye candy is always welcome!

  9. Deb

    I really don’t ‘get’ Pinterest. I joined but use in bursts.

    I’m all about the words not the visuals so it really doesn’t do it for me!


  10. Lipgloss Mumma

    Pinterest is the biggest time suck since I joined Twitter. But I just love it. So many beautiful images. I really try to only get on a few times a week as I don’t think ‘pinning’ pays too well at the moment, and it certainly doesn’t do the dishes. See you there x

  11. Nita Davis

    I am on pinterest, but like you am just learning my way around. Figuring pinterest out is on my TO DO list. Hope you are having a better week.

  12. Jo @Country life experiment

    My sister and I spent the weekend sitting next to each other on the couch with pinterest on both our laptops ‘sharing’ pins. I have probably pinned 1000 things, and made maybe 2 of them. It’s lots of fun to look, but the reality is it is full of beautiful things that bear no relation to reality.

  13. therhythmmethod

    I love that bathroom! I’m reluctant to join one more thing I can’t remember the password to. We changed banks and I’ve forgotten my online banking password not once, but twice. I wonder if I ring up a third time to reset it they will just hang up on me?

  14. Alison P

    Yes I’m on there although I’ve forgotten what my user name and log in details are! I’ve always ripped things out of magazines and stuck them on pinboards – that awful word ‘moodboards’ so I suppose it’s just like that, only with people looking. It was just one thing too far for me – it’s lovely and pretty and everything but I just gave up. Also, when there was a whole fuss about the copyright on it, that made me even less inclined to do it.

  15. Jill in a Box

    Yes, I’m on Pinterest. When I first looked at it I thought it was ludicrous and I didn’t understand it at all. Then I spent a bit more time browsing, and I got addicted. Then I got bored. Now I’m… kind of in Pinterest purgatory. I got into it because I am incredibly forgetful and disorganised, so I thought it would be a good way to ‘keep’ interesting things I found on the net and sort them – things like ideas for presents, storage solutions (I know, I know), articles or books I wanted to read, recipes… And of course everyone was going on about how much “traffic” Pinterest was generating for websites, blogs etc… I liked finding that Prospect magazine had a page with links to articles you could read in full for free. I think that’s the best thing I’ve found. My ‘pin’ with the most ‘repins’ is one of John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe!

  16. MummyateMe

    I don’t get it at all … I don’t have any spare time to browse pics of things I don’t have time to do (including by not exclusive to cool styles for my hair, renovations for my kitchen and amazing decorations for kids parties).

    I’m not against it, and perhaps I’m missing the point but I really don’t know why anyone bothers.

    Is there more to it than just collecting cool pics?

  17. Ele

    I’d say about 85% of my pins are things that I love but will never do (though I haven’t categorised them that way!)… it’s like browsing a magazine, it’s fun! I’m planning a big bash for a big birthday soon – pinterest has been good for putting ideas together. Love the Reg Mombassa fibro too : )


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