Instagram: A year in my garden

Posted on September 3, 2012

The Builder and I are preparing for a hard weekend of mulching. Literally truckloads (okay, one truck) are arriving on Friday, to be dispatched, by hand, into The Old Girl’s waiting beds. The weeding is finally done (or as done as it can be – I’m sure they’re out there, popping up as I type this).

With spring upon us, though, I am out in the garden every day, having a look. There’s so much activity and so many gorgeous bits and bobs to discover. Like the blossom bursting from the crab apple’s bare branches. And the last rose of winter (or is it the first rose of spring?). And the tiny little grevillea flowers tucked down in the back corner, Mecca for the tiny little birds that swoop in and out to drink its nectar all day.

Seriously, this garden is blowing my mind (and my back, now that I mention it).

One thing The Builder and I discussed was keeping a diary, so that we’d know what popped up where and when. I’ve been taking happy snaps… and then I had a sudden thought. Remember this post about Instagram? Where I was all up on my serious case of envy and complete inability to take pictures? I’ve decided to change that.

I’ve started my own hashtag on Instagram – #ayearinmygarden. Every Monday I will post an image from my garden, with a date and plant name where I can, and just a hashtag (as per today) where I have no idea what I’ve photographed. So far, I am a party of one. I’d love it if you joined me. You only need a pot plant to play – it will look different every week for sure.

Anyway, would love to share garden goodness with you if you’re keen – I’m AllisonTaitWriter if you’re looking for me. And, for everyone else, it should be noted that I’m pretty sure my obsession with pictures right now is down to the fact that re-drafting my novel is taking up SO many words. When it gets too hard, I can go outside and look at the blossom, snap a pic and it all feels so much better.

I’m sure normal transmission (and terrible images of graffiti cockroaches) will resume any minute now.

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  1. Allison Rushby

    Gardening, hey? Not much to say about that. I actively look for houses without gardens. Do like other people’s gardens, though!

  2. Jeska

    Its lovely moving into a house with a well established garden! We are in our second year here and even now, (because last summer was more like a winter so not much flowered as it should have) I am discovering new tress and plants in my garden. Not long ago I had some daffodils pop up out of nowhere.

    • Jeska

      ps i have joined your hashtagging!

    • allison tait

      Hooray! Thanks Jeska.

  3. Green Mama

    Sounds like you’re enjoying discovering this new garden- yay for you! Re the diary- awesome idea, especially if bulbs start popping up, it will stop you putting a shovel through something gorgeous when they’re dormant.

    • allison tait

      So true Green Mama. Am going to put a little marker in where they are so that I remember.

  4. thesparechangekitchen.com

    Mmmm, in the first 3 days of spring this year a few of my orchids have bloomed which hasn’t happened (not sure why) for the past 2 years. But its making me very happy 🙂 I’ll play along for sure.

    • allison tait

      Awesome. Don’t you love it when it all just comes together like that!

  5. Kim H

    Oh I love your idea. I’ll definitely play along as I’m about to embark on my new garden. Happy gardening to you! XXX

    • allison tait

      Hooray! Thanks Kim. Look forward to seeing your new garden grow.

  6. River

    My pot plants are jades. Big round green leaves. They don’t change at all from week to week, not even from year to year. Quite boring,but at least they’re alive.

    • allison tait

      Alive is very important River!

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