It’s not about the medals

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Posted on July 30, 2012

The Olympic spirit is alive, well, kicking and doing a triple somersault in the pike position in this house. The boys have taken to the whole thing with gusto. They are watching highlights (and early morning coverage), making flags (see pic) and working out which sport they’ll focus on because, you know, they’re bound to want to represent Australia at some point…

With all this enthusiasm comes exercise. Yesterday saw us up at the showground doing laps on our bikes as Mr8 attempted to break his ‘world record’ time for laps at the showground. There are requests to go to the pool. My boys love their swimming lessons (unlike some members of the family…) and hate the fact that I keep them out of the water over winter. What can I say? Too many ear infections early on have cruelled my Olympic spirit.

Other sports that have crept into the backyard and lounge room include: wrestling, fencing, gymnastics, hurdling, shotput (with a rock – Mum the killjoy soon put an end to that), diving (when Mr8 misjudged a somersault on the trampoline and went over the edge), tennis, soccer… the list goes on.

They’ll never medal in any of these events. But that’s not really the point, is it?

Have your kids been swept up in Olympics fever?


  1. Allison Rushby

    Is a bit weird and slightly distasteful watching it in someone else’s country. Even worse when they are the hosting country. I don’t remember other Olympic coverage being like this, but in England, it is all about the gold medals (and only gold counts) and they love comparing themselves to the Aussies when it works in their favour.

  2. Andrea

    never say never…..

  3. Mum on the Run

    Yep – my 3 yo asks if the ‘limpiks’ is still on ech day.
    He claimms to love the boxing and the horse racing???
    I worry Daddy may have been taking him on sneaky trips to the TAB!!
    🙂 x

  4. Lipgloss Mumma

    Miss 6 is loving learning about the Olympics at school. She even chose to bring a reader home about it. She hasn’t really been interested in watching any of it (and it’s not really at child friendly times) but she is asking a lot of questions.

  5. River

    If there were medals for sitting in one chair for hours at a time, I’d probably earn a bronze.

  6. Samantha

    We recorded the Opening Ceremony and the kids have repeatedly laughed themselves silly at ‘Mr Bean’s’ antics!

  7. Claireyhewitt

    My kids forget that it is on TV and are in bed too early to see most of it, but at school the Preps are focussed on France and next week they need to wear red white and blue and take something french for lunch, I suggested Popps takes some snails, she was much more keen on the croissant idea!

  8. therhythmmethod

    We’re enjoying it after a patchy start. The boys failed to see why I was so excited at the opening ceremony, and Mr 4 kept on asking “when will the lympics start?”

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