Packing boxes, packing bags

Posted on June 7, 2012

-Home is not a place, it's a feeling.-I feel as though I’ve been moving house since about 1974. The settlement has been long, which means that the packing can be done in dribs and drabs and dribs and drobs (technically, no such thing, but you get where I’m going with this).

Earlier this week, The Builder packed the clocks. To find out what time it is, it’s a matter of checking the microwave or the computer. Or a phone. Or something. The boys and I have been late for school every day since the clocks disappeared into cardboard. I mentioned something to The Builder along the lines that it is possible to be too efficient.

The great cull continues. When we started this process we decided not to have a garage sale because ‘we didn’t have enough stuff’. Famous last words. We could have held a garage sale for the past three weekends and still had Wiggles DVDs left over. On that subject, does anyone want a bread-making machine? Rarely used (are they ever?). Pick up only.

In the meantime, I’m also packing bags. Off to the Big Smoke to ‘do coffee’ and meet some people. I have a new book to read because I’ll be spending the better part of my day on the train, getting from Point A to Point Z and then back to Point B. I don’t really mind. It’s rare to get uninterrupted reading time these days.

Two more weeks and the Big Pack will be over. Then shall begin the season of the Great Unpack. Which, frankly, doesn’t bear thinking about.


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  1. Ericka Muldowney

    A garage sale, I think is a brilliant way to secure your valuables that you no longer use. It’s perfect especially since you do not have a storage place to leave your things in. The good thing about a garage sale is that the kindest persons are going to buy your stuff and will be the next one to use and take care of them (and you get to profit from it too). Amazing isn’t it? Now you can go and travel and feel comfortable that your valuables are still in good hands.

    Ericka Muldowney

  2. Purses

    That is one big house to moved.

  3. loulouloves.me

    I like the packing bit. The culling bit. The living in no mans land bit. But only for about a day. And then it shits me. Good luck with the move though, not long to go now…

  4. Seana Smith

    I’ll have the breadmaker!!! I’ve never had one and wouldn’t buy one even though I really would love to have one… just in case I didn’t use it enough. You for sure need to have that garage sale, I’ll be straight down!! Oh moving… I swore I’d never ever do it again and that was two houses ago.

  5. Photographer Mum

    I hate packing house but I do like the idea of a fresh start. Something new and exciting to look forward to. Good Luck with it all.
    And if nobody else wants the bread maker, I’ll give it a go – I love to try and make my own bread since I saw my friend make some for her family 🙂

  6. mamabook

    We held an impromptu garage sale just before leaving. We got rid of our lovely piano in 5 seconds flat and it was rolled up Corunna Road – quite the sight! Also scrapped our newly polished floorboards on the way out. No bitterness at all.
    Good luck. I have a love/hate relationship with moving. Adore the idea of change, hate the reality of all the tedious work.

  7. Rebecca Grey

    I love packing, and unpacking. I love moving house. Strange I know. Must have something to do with the over 20 times I have moved since I was about 0. We have about five months till we move into our new house, but I already have itchy feet wanting to start packing!
    Oh and enjoy your uninterrupted reading time. Nice. What book are you reading? 🙂

  8. Dianne Blacklock

    My settlement for my recent move was short – very, scarily short, so the stress was extreme. However, as one friend put it, it was like ripping a bandaid off – excruciating but fast. I couldn’t believe how at home I felt as soon as I walked in here. It was a forest of cardboard boxes, but it didn’t matter, it was all over. I didn’t find unpacking nearly as hard – but word of warning, there will be more culling then! You take out things and say – why did I imagine I’d want to keep this?

    I’m very happy and settled now – it won’t be long for you! All the best xx

  9. Lucy De Luca

    It’s always the last time…. till next time! good luck..

  10. Kim H

    Ugh! I don’t envy you one bit right now, Allison. Our moves over the last 8 months have been a nightmare. Thankfully it ends and you get to settle and forget about the stress soon enough. Have lots of chocolate and tea on hand for those really stressful times:) Good luck! x

  11. Allison Rushby

    Can’t even think about the upcoming move — from Oz to UK and back again in under 18 months. Have to get rid of two cars and buy another two as well. Gah!

  12. Kelly Sheehy

    I can totally relate! 45 days until we move, thinking that I would be ultra-efficient (very unlike me), I decided to get a head start on the packing…ugggghhhh…I think I’ve only managed to extend the pain! I hope that your move goes smoothly!

  13. Nikki Fisher

    I’m smiling at your post because I just finished reading an email from Jay who blogs at andthetrees.blogspot and her opening sentence was ‘moving is awful’. And her closing sentence mentioned a garage sale. We folk living in developed countries have way too much stuff even when we trick ourselves into believing we haven’t. Thanks for inspiring me to get rid of some stuff tomorrow. Happy packing and culling.

  14. Giving Back Girl

    Feeling your pain Al, but still a little scarred with the wounds from my last move experience still fresh and raw. Looks like I’ll be doing it again in another 6 weeks. Just remember that out of chaos comes calm. Good luck.

  15. karencharlton

    When we moved in to our current house, I swore I’d stay forever because I can’t stand packing and moving. CANNOT stand it. I think I’d rather die than have to live with the world of overthinking that goes into culling/packing/ordering/unpacking. Good luck! x

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