Happy Jubilee to me

As the Queen celebrates her 60 years in the crown, so too do I celebrate my 600th post. Which practically makes us related.

We have a lot in common, it has to be said. We’re both slowing down in our old age (this blog is two and a half now, which is practically geriatric in blog years, right?), we’ve both had an image overhaul or two in our time (though I must confess that her hat-and-coat combos are a tad more stylish than my slanket), and we both understand the importance of showing up when we’re expected.

That’s probably it, now that I think about it. I had some ideas about tying together ‘rain’ and ‘reign’, given that we’re both experiencing one or the other, but I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

Thanks for sharing 600 posts at the Fibro. Sorry the parade fell through. But, stay tuned, I have Elton John and Kylie lined up to perform a special Fibro medley. Any minute now…

[image: stylemepretty]