10 things I learned this week

I am having a bit of trouble blogging at present. Every single sentence I begin has the words ‘packing boxes’ in it. Which, I have to tell you, is about as riveting to read about as it is to actually do. So I’m going to try something a bit different. A simple list of things I learned this week. Feel free to add your own in the comments below.

1. Sadly, it is not a shock when the husband is arrested.

2. Little boys carry big thoughts. Mr5 is currently walking around the Fibro taking photos of rooms on his Dad’s iPhone. So he ‘won’t forget’.

3. Uranus rotates totally on its side. Its atmosphere is made up of hydrogen, helium and methane. Mr8 could tell you more, but I’d probably have to stop him somewhere around about the point at which your eyes glazed over.

4. I know where Keith Urban lives. Doesn’t that sound crazy stalker.

5. Mr5 knows all the words to ‘Someone like You’ by Adele. In the sense that we all know ‘all the words’ to anything – he fills in the bits he doesn’t know by making very emotive, vaguely musical sounds, sliding in a consonant when he remembers one.

6. Chanel No 5 doesn’t smell as lovely when it is sprayed around the bathroom by an eight-year-old boy making ‘potions’.

7. I really, really, really don’t want Lance Armstrong to be guilty. Sigh.

8. Those romance novel manuscripts that I have, stuffed in the back of my filing cabinet, may not be as dead as I thought.

9. Even Telstra has good days. My iPhone, which has never worked properly, will be replaced next week with a shiny new one. One that works. Hopefully.

10. The paid work comes first. Always. So if I’m a little bit sporadic over the next few weeks, blame it on a major time squeeze. That, and packing boxes.

Always with the packing boxes.

What did you learn this week?*

*I may or may not have stolen this idea from Maxabella. I think she used to do it and now she doesn’t, but maybe I got that wrong. Either way, I hope that you (and she) will forgive me.

[image: designinspiration]