Wishing and hoping and looking and searching

Posted on April 29, 2012

If you were to ask my boys their least-favourite weekend activity, they would be hard-pressed to choose between two: looking at houses and looking at antiques. You can imagine their joy, then, when they found out that yesterday was to be a combination of the two. Oh the rapture!

Unfortunately for Mr8 and Mr5, The Builder and I love to poke about – in houses, or in antiques shops. Or both. Admittedly, antiques shops are often easier to poke about in than other people’s houses tend to be, so they are often dragged, complaining, whinging and generally moaning, into dark, musty shops full of dark, musty objects. All of which, no doubt, look the same to them.

Yesterday, we spent a full day in the southern highlands, tripping in and out of half a dozen shops, falling in love with one item and then another. Interestingly, we fall in love often, but buy rarely. We ‘um’, we ‘ah’, we walk away and ‘have a think about it’. We only go back if we truly believe we’ll regret not buying it.

Seriously, the poking about is most of the fun. The buying simply cream on the top.

Unless you’re eight and five. In which case, you’d rather be having your teeth extracted. Or similar.

Do you love poking about in antiques shops or do you tend to side with the Misters when they call it ‘the most boring thing in the world’?

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  1. loulouloves.me

    Oh antiquing in the southern highlands, doesn’t get much better. Actually, throw in the Berrima Book Barn and I’m in heaven. My kid can’t talk yet so cannot complain. And we live in Sweden so the opportunity doesn’t come up that much!

  2. Jodie Ansted

    I haven’t visited many antique shops, but love a good garage sale and the markets. Mr A DESPISES the markets, but I used to drag him reluctantly to them when we lived in Perth many moons ago.

    I want an old-fashioned typewriter to put…somewhere. Maybe antique shops are the go! xox

  3. Rhonda

    I love to poke about but I usually leave my son at home…the husband too. They err on the side of most boring thing ever.

  4. Lipgloss Mumma

    I don’t mind the odd antique shop visit every now and then, and the kids actually love it too. Especially Miss 14, you know ‘vintage’ and all that. But we do love poking in houses and often visit the display villages including when on holidays! And the kids enjoy this too, for the most part. The little ones love ‘choosing their bedroom’ and Miss 11 wants to be an architect or interior designer so she loves it.

  5. Maxabella

    Your boys are much better behaved than my lot. I haven’t pottered with them in years. Maybe it’s time to give it another try! x

  6. Jules

    For ours it used to be looking at houses and dog shows!! They loved antique and junk shops often coming away with more than we did!!!!!!

  7. MultipleMum

    I like it when YOU go to the antique shop, find a great desk for Mr5 and then I can slip in and get a couple of matching ones for my boys 🙂

  8. River

    I love, love, love scrounging around in antique shops! Junk shops too, but not op shops so much, they’re mostly musty old clothes and shelves filled with salt’n’pepper shakers and cup’n’saucer sets, not to mention cracked up old boots which are only good for planting things in.

  9. At Number 32

    Oh the highlands has to be THE antique capital….whilst I would have loved to join, my kids are with yours!! (maybe theres a business right there!)

  10. Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

    I can’t say that either of these is my cup of tea. Op shops are as close to antique shop visiting as I get. maybe I will try it sometime. I have no idea where any are!

  11. InkPaperPen

    I LOVE antique shops. My uncle has an antique shop and he has a garage and attic full of bits and bobs from the shop. My boys love going into the attic. Not so much for the bits and bobs but for the cool ladder that springs down from the roof!

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