Give me an O for osteopath

So, I found myself on my back today, with one knee pressed up somewhere near my left ear, my right hand gripping my left forearm and a large man with a towel in his hands leaning on my top half with all his weight.


My knee slipped a little further into my earhole, my hand gripped my arm more firmly, he leaned a little harder and – CrrrAACkK! Some small portion of my back clicked and clunked and cracked it’s way back into position. My breath left my body in a huge whooshing gasp.

“Right,” he said, leaning back, and swinging the towel up across his shoulder. “That wasn’t quite as satisfying as I’d hoped. Come back on Friday and we’ll try again.”

True story.

I’m still limping. But not as badly.

Friday’s the day.