Don’t you love a new discovery?

It might surprise you all, given my half-heartedness at times and my regular ‘aaaugh, what am I going to cook for dinner?’ tweets, but I am generally a ‘from scratch’ cook. Mostly, convenience foods leave me cold. The few exceptions are pasta from the fridge section (sorry, seems just way too hard to make my own), salad dressing (I know… I know…), and I use the Barilla tomato/basil sauce on my pizza bases (which I make from scratch or use Lebanese bread when time is short).

So, it’s rare for me to try a new meal-in-a-box or packet. I just find that they all taste the same. And I also find that most dishes don’t take that much longer if you use the fresh ingredients rather than the dehydrated doo-dahs.

Then I discovered Marion’s Kitchen. The only reason I decided to give the range a whirl was that I loved Marion Grasby on Masterchef – possibly the last series of Masterchef I watched – and was outraged when she was sent home for an inferior satay sauce. I mean to say. Rigged or what??? (Vestiges of outrage still remain.)

When I saw her line of handy meals, I passed them by several times. Then one day I decided that I needed to put my money where my mouth was and actually support her. After all, she didn’t get a cookbook deal*. She might need my $6.99 to get by.

I tried the red curry first – and it was good. Good enough for me to go back the following week and give the green curry a go. Love at first bite. It actually takes like proper green curry – with zing and zest. It takes less than 15 minutes to make (including rice). Everything you need bar the protein and the vegies is in the box, neatly labelled, with simple instructions. I think even The Builder could manage this one.

So, I’m hooked. And happy to recommend it**. You can even try the satay sauce for yourself.

What was the last supermarket discovery you made? Do share. Let’s make this week’s meal planning easier for everyone!

*Though I note that she does have a cookbook – I might buy that as well.
**As always, disclaimer: not sponsored, not paid, no free product, no nothing. Just sharing.