A real pain in the neck

My weeks of frantic typing have caught up with me. I have an industrial injury. And, no, it’s not a paper cut.

When you sit at a computer, day after day, fingers flying over a keyboard, your muscles and tendons get a work out. And not in a good way.

I woke up this morning feeling as though my shoulders had migrated their way up and settled somewhere around my ears. My neck, unhappy with this prima donna behaviour, had gone on strike.

A reminder, once again, that ergonomics are important.

All I can do is take pain relief, and rest. Before booking an appointment with someone, anyone, tomorrow. Oh, and keep this post short.

As work-related injuries go, it’s not glamorous. But then, neither is a paper cut – and no-one can deny the pain of those!

[image: I will be putting in an order for these from http://urbanoutfitters.com]