Signs of a misspent youth

Posted on October 23, 2011

The Rugby World Cup is over (congratulations Kiwis!) but its legacy remains. Specifically, it serves, every four years, to remind me of my misspent youth. I sat last weekend with friends discussing locks, flankers, fly halfs, phases and lineouts – the language of my 20s, spent, as it was, in the company of a rugby club. Weekends lost to the joys of shivering on the sidelines, wondering if my second-rower boyfriend would end up concussed, or merely with new cauliflowers to add to his patch. Saturday nights spent drinking, dancing and carousing.

A misspent youth is a wonderful thing and comes in many guises. Both of my sisters are extremely good at pool, and one, I won’t say which, is an absolute demon. Wipe-the-floor-with-you, pool-table-hustler good. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

I have friends who can roll their own, er, cigarettes one-handed. Friends who should never be challenged to a game of poker, or 500, or even Scrabble for that matter. I know guys who can play every song that Kurt Cobain ever wrote – and not much else. Girls who drive boring four-cylinder A-to-B cars like they’re still driving the six-cylinder, gas-guzzling rev-head mobile they cruised through their twenties in. People who will never need a Cocktail Recipe book because they have every classic cocktail recipe memorised – and can produce one on cue.

The older I get the more I understand the notion that you only regret the things you didn’t do.

Come on, ‘fess up – what’s the sign of your misspent youth?


  1. LBDDiaries

    One note and I can name and sing almost any song from the 70’s. No matter where I am – alone or in a store. The result of cruising with the radio blaring.

  2. Penny

    I can smoke a cigarette in a Coke can (the cigarette not me) thanks to years of lying out on the football field at high school hiding my smoking from the teachers on duty.

  3. MultipleMum

    You spent way too much time on the ‘dark side’ is all, Maxabella. We should have a family show down. I bet the Geege would beat the lot of us!

  4. Maxabella

    I’m sure she’s plenty rusty these days. x

  5. Alex aka WHOA MUMMA!

    I don’t regret any of the stupid sh*t me and my friends got up to in our ‘youth’. It was a blast.

    But if I catch my kids doing any of it they will be grounded for life. 😉

  6. E.

    Congrats to the all blacks.

    Like the rhythm method, my youth was spent working and studying. Although I was friends with someone who worked in a nightclub. I can say that I have been kicked out at closing time on more than one occasion.

  7. Leigh Ann @ Genie in a Blog

    I have a wicked scar on the back of my head from taking a tumble from a drunken piggy back ride. Does that count? I also know a trick where you can open a beer bottle with a butter knife. my rugby playing friend opens his with his wedding ring.

  8. therhythmmethod

    I have a huge suitcase of regrets. I spent my youth studying, working, paying bills. I know, totally boring. I can roll cigarettes though … can’t say I ever smoked them.

  9. Diminishing Lucy

    Oh Al, how I love this.

    My youth was wonderfully misspent. I do not feel I squandered a minute. I am so glad. My mother shudders as she recalls some of my shenanigans. My auntie rings me sometimes, after I have blogged about some of my habits, amazed and horrified.

    But I am still a fine upstanding memeber of society, now, despite my youth! I am still here, and richer for it.

    My teeth, however, are doomed. Too many house parties & raves and all the substances that go with those…

  10. A-M

    I’m going to do round 2 with my boys as they grow up… more resources this time ’round! A-M xx

  11. Sara

    My husband has been real into rugby this year.

    I played it safe when I was younger for the most part.

  12. Tricia Rose

    I’m just glad it isn’t offspring.

  13. Sela Toki

    Rugby is the number one sport to my 3 sons. All are ruggers. However, out here in the US, they just don’t make them like they do in NZ and Tonga. Great post and let me just say, what I didn’t do in my youth, I don’t live to regret. LOL.

  14. The Hand of a Jeanie

    Ah, the memories. My misspent youth is not that dissimilar to yours. I was once a demon at pool.
    Living in Victoria, I miss the rugby (union, not league), and I hate the obsession with AFL here.

  15. Marion Williams-Bennett

    eeeeeyyyyy ..misspent youth! Hah! I like to think of it as spent youth, it’s those crazy wild times that helped to shape who I am today, and also help to get me through the days that are, well, not as wild!

  16. Mum on the Run

    Ha ha.
    I sure do know my way around a cocktail list and too, too many seedy nightclub loos!!
    I could also tell you the calorie content of every food item imaginable – that is definitely misspent youth.


    Reading entries like this inspires me to enjoy and embrace youth.

    thank you for reminding me 🙂

  18. tinsenpup

    A bass guitar gathering dust in the corner and other things best not mentioned.

  19. sweffling

    Miss spent youth? I haven’t left it behind yet. The miss spent bit I mean, not the youth:)

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