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Posted on September 20, 2011

Mr4 endured enjoyed another excursion today. This time to the library. I asked him this morning if he was excited. He looked at me as though I’d lost my marbles. “It’s the library, Mum,” he said. “We go there all the time.”

Oh yes.

Mr7 suggested that this time Mr4 and his friends might get to have a look beyond the bookshelves. “When we went in year one, we got to go downstairs,” he confided.

“Oh, what was there?” asked Mr4, hope in his voice.

“That’s where they keep the boxes of books,” said Mr7.

“Oh,” said Mr4. His excitement was still not palpable.

He didn’t have much to say about his excursion on the way home from preschool. Just that he was tired. That someone had read them a story. They’d eaten fruit – apples and carrots. “Carrots aren’t fruit,” said Mr7. “They don’t have seeds.”

I could see Mr4 trying to come up with a rebuttal to this, but he could think of nothing.


“I did learn one thing today at the library, Mum,” he said.


“Butterflies smell with their feet,” he announced, triumphant.

And, do you know what? They do.

I tell you, these excursions are true learning experiences. For everyone.

What new thing did you learn today?



  1. Miss Mandy

    love it, yes we all learn different things. My daughter went on her first big kinder excursion today to the orchastra and gardens. I probed her and all I got was ‘the best bit was the clown at the orchastra’. Ripper, thanks for that, full of information.

  2. Veggie Mama

    Ah the library. No better excursion, if you ask me!

  3. River

    Butterflies smell with their feet?
    I did not know that.
    I love libraries.

  4. Sharn White

    You can thank Mr4 for me, because today I learned that butterflies smell with their feet. That is very cool! And so is he. I love the things children say. Some years ago I asked my Mr5 what he had been doing at school that day. (It was week 6 of his very first year.) After thinking for a moment he replied, ‘Scripture.’ Impressed that this seemed to be foremost in his young thoughts I asked, ‘And, what are you doing in Scripture?’
    After an indeterminable pause, Mr 5 replied with obvious exasperation…’STILL God!!’ What could I say? He had 13 years of a Christian School education ahead of him.

  5. I'm So Fancy

    I learn everyday. Mostly about how dumb I can be. But the butterfly one just elevated my whole week!

  6. joeh

    Not just butterflys, I’ve often been told that my feet smell!

    Cranky Old Man

  7. danneromero

    i learned my hair looked like crap, that it looked like i was still asleep….. so said several of my third grade students….LOL

  8. Cath

    I learnt my market stall layout needs a complete revamp! By Sunday! Sure hope it works… I need to pay for my new card stand if I’m successful on eBay – oh, and I learned how to sign up for eBay too!

    Can’t believe that Mr4 was not more enthused about going to the library. He seems to love learning cool things like butterflies smelling with their feet (hmmm, come to think of it, I might have learned that today too!)

  9. Littlemissairgap

    I learnt that I should never try and combine a school holiday trip to the movies at the local major shopping centre & shopping for necessities.
    Took the 3 kids to the movies, along with what seemed the rest of Brisbane’s northside & then I tried shopping for rashies, shoes, shorts, etc. We did achieve most of it, but it was such a big effort & everyone’s patience was tried … and tired.

  10. Bri

    I learned that my 4 yr old daughter is perfectly happy to have a 35kg 10 foot python draped around her shoulders.

    I meanwhile I was trying to smile rather than grimace and not envision the snake squeezing the life out of my little girl!

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