Are you a Car Star?

Posted on August 31, 2011

I have a confession. I like to sing. In my car. Really loudly and with much passion. I know. You’re wincing, aren’t you? I’m the chick you pull up next to at the traffic lights who’s howling along at the top of her lungs. All you can be thankful for is that the windows are up. And I can’t even guarantee you that.

Today I had some errands to run. Errands involving highway driving. I’m politely referred to as a Nervous Nellie when it comes to driving, so my singing serves two capacities in these situations. It keeps my mind off the 4,500 ‘what ifs’ that can turn my palms sweaty when I’m driving at 100km/hour – and it makes me breathe deeply and keeps me calm.

That’s my excuse, anyway.

Today I found myself singing the fourth part harmony that The Dixie Chicks so obviously miss. I totally rocked a Pink song (did I mention I’m a closet (or not so closet) dag?). There may or may not have been some Jimmy Barnes in there. Singing along with Jimmy makes me appreciate the range of the man’s voice. Those songs get high, people.

In the privacy of my own car, I’m the lead singer, with any choice of international superstar backing band I damn choose. I like to think I make the most of that.

Are you a Car Star? What’s your music of choice?


  1. Susie Kline

    I am an amazing car singer and dancer. Yes, I car dance. Mostly I rock out to 80s music, but I’m not adverse to whipping out some great Ke$ha or Adele. I also do a magnificent of “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.

    I was meant to be a star…

  2. MummyK

    I got no radio in my car! 🙁 But with minime I’m apparently not allowed to sing in the car “forever and ever”.

  3. Alison

    I love to yell along to some loud noisy rock, much to the embarrasment of my 15 year old daughter. I just say to her ‘It;s my car, my stereo and I’ll sing if I want to!’

  4. artistsroad

    I have to say, Pink is fun to sing along with, and I too like creating my own harmonies! And MoodyEdits named a great band to sing along with, I can’t not sing along with Love Shack or Rock Lobster.

    I often sing along with the 80’s on 8 station on XM; thank goodness no one can hear me, because all the guys then sang in falsetto, which frankly sounds ridiculous.

  5. stink-bomb

    yup i’m a car star but i don’t just limit it to the car. i’m quite often guilty of turning the stereo up at home and belting out a few tunes there too. i do all this with the windows wide open – both at home AND in the car, in fact i find i sing BETTER with the windows open in the car.

    i don’t care who see’s me [or hears me, i can actually carry a tune, so know i don’t sound bad] because i can also be quite a BAD car dancer as well. lol

  6. Kymmie

    Love this post, and can relate well.

    Because I am the mega famous pop star in my car.

    But the kids won’t let me sing anymore. In fact my five year old gets really upset when I don’t take instruction from him.

    “MUM! I asked you to stop singing!”

    Really, I didn’t think I was THAT offensive.

    Great post Allison. x

  7. RingBali

    Sing would help to reduce stress..that is the good news

  8. Cath

    Ooooh yes – I’ve been a Car Star forever! Nowadays I am more likely to get caught singing Puccini than Pink, as the car radio is kept on kid-friendly, commercial free ABC-Classic FM. The munchkin definitely prefers his opera mum-free, but every now and then I remember to plug in the phone and pop on something more current, and he’ll be a bit more forgiving. Especially if it’s a song he can sing too.

  9. Mama of 2 boys

    I am a TOTAL car star Allison and I’m so pleased to read that you are too! ;o)
    Though I don’t just reserve the right to do it when I’m by myself, I belt out the tunes with the boys in the car. Sometimes, they like it… other times, not so much! My Mr3 quite often yells “Mama I CAN’T HEAR THE MUSIC!” Oops! xo

  10. Looking for Blue Sky

    Oh yes 🙂 Right now it’s the Black Eyed Peas, the White Stripes, and Noah and the Whale, and best of all I’ve converted the kids!

  11. Jodie Ansted

    We could totally duet on a road trip.

    May I suggest a Glee soundtrack or two? Such variety.

  12. Lib

    Um yup…that would be me too…I’m not fussy either, a bit of Justine Clarke get’s a good belting out as well 🙂

  13. Rhonda

    i am a total vehicular rock star. i sing to pretty much anything. depends on my mood…today it was muse.

  14. Thea

    Oh yeah!!
    When I’m in the car…
    I AM Kylie!

  15. Jodi @ The Scribble Den

    Absolutely! You may also often find me dancing along in the car (whilst stopped at the traffic lights of course), which I have actually blogged about before. So uncool, but so fun.

  16. Diminishing Lucy

    My children all say “Mummy, I like this song, but not when you sing too.” Or, “Mum, I like this song, can you please be quiet.”

    Even as a tiny toddler, Lexie used to say “No sing Mumma.”

    So you can only imagine the volume of my car singing when I have dropped the critics off…(yesterday was Helen Reddy. On repeat. No kidding.)

  17. Charis

    ha ha! I sing in the shower 😉

  18. Ms Styling You

    Today it was U2’s Beautiful Day. And yes with the windows up!

  19. Chantel

    I love being in the car on my own – or with Master Z as he doesn’t judge! I turn the radio from our usual JJJ to one of the more commercial stations that I know will have classic after classic and I belt them out. Today was Land Down Under, followed by Total Eclipse of the Heart – oh the joy :o)

  20. InkPaperPen

    Oh for sure. I’ll give anything a bash but I do like “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac in the car. John Butler is another favorite and every now and then, I do Justin Timberlake…Don’t tell anyone

  21. Cate Bolt

    Oooooh, I miss this. When we gave up the “good life” we also gave up the good cars…you know, ones with radios, or even cassette players. We bought “the van of doom” which isn’t a Kombi, unfortunately, that would have some hippie cred. It’s just a Mitsubishi without a stereo. I feel sad now.

  22. Amanda

    The world is probably glad that I don’t get much alone-in-the-car time these days but on that four-minute drive home from dropping my son at daycare once a week – well, I make up for all the rest of the week in one loud Queen song!

  23. Lady Estrogen

    OMG Yes.
    I only commute once a week and I absolutely love it because that’s all I do – usually highly emotional songs. I belt them out as if I were on stage. It’s my time 🙂

  24. Sarah

    I wrote about my ability to sing loudly and obnoxiously just the other day. The rare occasions I am in the car alone I am a grammy award winning singer and the radio stations are my back up band. All of them.

  25. therhythmmethod

    Lately I’ve been harmonising with Paul Kelly and Kasey Chambers, but I do love a good ho-down (hoe-down?) with the Dixie Chicks. Or Regina Spektor.
    I used to commute an hour in the car each way for work, just enough time to listen to an entire CD on the journey. I also have a bad habit of taking ‘long cuts’ to make sure we don’t miss the end of a good song. Sorry kids. 😉

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