When the wind blows

Posted on July 5, 2011

The wind is howling around the Fibro tonight. So much so that we have moved Mr7 from his room beneath the large, overhanging branch of next door’s Liquid Amber tree and he is camped out in Mr4’s room. The only person who really benefits from this is me. It just means I won’t be waking up with every gust of wind wondering if this is the one that finally brings that branch crashing down.

It’s funny how much I worry about that branch. Forget the hunormous (Mr4’s latest word) Camphor Laurel tree in the other neighbour’s yard. The one that would take out the entire Fibro should it decide to give it up and keel over. Yep, forget that…

We didn’t have this trouble in the Big Smoke. No large trees to speak of in the area, and the only one of any majesty was tucked up in the neighbour’s yard against the sandstone cliff that ran the length of our block. That tree had support.

The Liquid Amber has no such back-up. It stands straight and very tall right next to the fence, which is right next to Mr7’s room. Straight but for this one, large, overhanging branch. We didn’t notice this branch so much last year. There was another even larger, even more overhanging branch that used to scrape the roof above Mr7’s bed. That one kind of took our attention. But it was removed by a man with a chainsaw, a rope and devil-may-care attitude.

Drawing our attention to the current large, overhanging branch.

Sigh. I’d complain, but then all my troubles with the Liquid Amber would be over and my mind would have no alternative but to start thinking about that hunormous Camphor Laurel.

So let’s forget that.

How are you faring with the winds? Is your house surrounded by trees? Does the mere hint of a spring breeze cause your garden to sway and quiver?


  1. Mama of 2 boys

    Oh I’m with you Allison. We have 2 ‘hunormous’ gum trees at the back of our place. Not on our land, but most certainly OUR problem should they decide to give way in the wind. We get many a largish branch fall into our yard on a daily basis, but in these winds, the big branches worry me. I dread to think about how much of our place one of those branches would take out… but the kitchen and bathroom would be goners for sure :o/

  2. Sherran

    I was only listening to horror stories on ABC radio today with neighbours and trees. We have a massive old Oak that hangs over our shed and garage and we are always concerned about the huge branches falling and we will wake up to a flat car one of these days.

  3. River

    I’m not exactly surrounded by trees, but I did plant one in the front lawn that will get biggish…
    My worry is the dodgy antenna installation, it’s already been blown down once, now it has several extra bolts. I really should get that thing properly installed.

  4. Lib

    One massive scribbly gum that sways and creaks right above the bedroom of a child who could give Woody Allen a run for his money in the neuroses department! Yikes and double yikes!

    PS word verification ‘offul’…creepy!

  5. Miss Pink

    At our old place we had a tree that grew against our bedroom window and would bang and shake if you so much as sneezed.
    Here the problem I have is the gate not staying shut. It keeps blowing wide open, opening up our backyard for the world to see. Very frustrating.

  6. Megan Blandford

    Yep! I’m in the Dandenong Ranges and we’re surrounded by big gums, many very close to the house. We have a friend who’s an arborist, so he comes over regularly and checks out the state of the trees for us – we’ll only do something about those that are dead or hollow.

  7. Being Me

    We live in a narrow valley and it funnels wind like a crazy Curiosity Show experiment. And we have a liquidambar as well in the front yard. Freaks me right out. I’m forever standing at the window of our bedroom calculating how much of it would come down on us if it were to lose its grip on the earth and yell “timber” in the middle of the night.

  8. therhythmmethod

    I don’t worry so much about trees, I worry that our 80 year old weatherboard will blow away. On windy nights we huddle in the ‘sunroom’ feeling gusts pushing through cracks in the windows and floorboards, wondering how long we can put off renovating this particular section of house.
    Hope your boys got some sleep. I’m sure they thought it was wonderful.

  9. todd carr

    yeah…chicago has had some big storms recently. each one keeps throwing tree limbs and branches in our garden area. I’ve been playing pick up sticks for weeks, I’m tired of it!

  10. Rachel Faith

    Wind is powerfully scary stuff. I used to live near Los Angeles, and I still dream about the Santa Anas.

    Hope your winds return to where they came from soon.

  11. Posie Patchwork

    Oh i grew up in Liquid Amber & Gum Tree forest, all around our house, they ended up lifting the house – getting us from underneath!!
    Here, we live in a plastic Legoland estate of houses en masse, needless to say no trees. Thank goodness it’s only Army housing, not our dream!!
    In Darwin though, wow, we had some massive 40′ long palm fronds come down on our roof, they honestly sounded like a plane was landing on the roof, still wouldn’t wake a sleeping babe though, they are rocks!!
    Sleep tight, love Posie

  12. Maxabella

    Three. Enormous. Gums. Ours. x

  13. tinsenpup

    Yet another reason I’m glad to be moving – the huge liquid amber branch overhanging the bedroom. I worry and wonder when the wind blows too.

  14. Green Mama

    Allison our Southern Mahogony dropped a limb right across the cherubs playhouse decking. Scary part- not a breath of wind was blowing when it dropped. Get it checked out by an aborist, but a good one, not one who wants to chop it down because there’s lots of $$ in it for them.

  15. MaidInAustralia

    Our house is surrounded by trees, and branches often fall. But the owners are overseas, and not keen to spend money having them lopped. Also, they say they like the privacy. Sigh. So I have to put up with them and hope a big-arse branch doesn’t fall on one of us when we walk to the car/outside.

  16. Diminishing Lucy

    I suspect Mr 7 will enjoy the novelty of a sleepover in his brothers room?

    We are surrounded by trees – totally.

    The wind is lively too – it slammed the car door into my legs today when I was strapping the kids in.

    A huge Melaleuca clanks against Charlie’s windows.

    Our gutters are choked.

    We need a weekend to get to grips.


  17. Jane

    Oh, Al, I feel for you. When I acted for local councils defending them in public liability claims, the old camphor laurel was the cause of many a dispute. Pesky things indeed. J x

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