When taking a break means breakfast

Posted on July 7, 2011

There is one major advantage to school holidays – beyond the whole ‘no school run so I can stay in my pyjamas til midday’ aspect, that is – and it’s breakfast. During school term, I’m so busy getting everyone organised that my breakfast plans can go out the window. I read with amazement blog posts by women who boil or poach eggs for their offspring on school days. How do they do it? Clearly they’re getting up way earlier than we are in the Fibro. But we’re up at 7am. It’s not like we roll out at 8.30am and race out the door. Not really. Though I do have that whole ‘Ten Minutes From Everywhere‘ mentality to deal with. My whole ‘Ten Minutes From Everywhere‘ mentality, I must stress.

I’m lucky to get a piece of toast into myself in the school term.

In the holidays, however, it’s a whole different story. I’ll have cereal. And toast. And fruit. And even yoghurt. A real breakfast.

No wonder I look forward to the school holidays so much.

Are you a breakfast eater? Do you manage it all year round or only once every three months, like I do?

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  1. Charis

    Breakfast? Fairly certain that’s something everybody else eats… I rarely manage it!

  2. Broni

    We try and have breakfast together. My husband usually has to work late so it our one meal of the day together.

    Most of the time on the weekdays it is just cereal and then toast (and coffee for the grown ups) … but on the weekend I am sometimes given a treat of poached eggs.

  3. River

    I love breakfast and my four never went to school without porridge in the winter and a cereal of their choice in the summer. I always ate with them. My fridge top held a bunch of boxes for them to choose from; NutriGrain, Cornflakes, Weetbix, Rice Bubbles. Cocoa Pops were a school holiday treat. One box only per holiday. We were up at 7am too, but most of the morning was pre-organised the night before, so we had plenty of time. School bags prepacked, clothes laid out, forms signed etc.

  4. tinsenpup

    We always have breakfast. Usually nice and relaxed. Most often quinoa or rice porridge at this time of year. We girls avoid early morning appointments wherever possible. Homeschooling helps A LOT. Our earliest activity next term is at 11am. I’d probably be a malnourished crazy person if I had to be organised enough to manage a school run five days a week.

  5. jennifersmart

    Porridge every moring in winter. Can’t function without tea Porridge. Summer I do fruit and yoghurt. Very rarely cook, luckily the little one is happy with Wiggles Weet-bix & raisin toast.

  6. Miss Pink

    Sure, I have breakfast. At 930AM while I read blogs.
    Nope I don’t get how mothers can do all that. Weetbix or cheerio’s are your options here. Weekends I might do something special like porridge or pancakes, but weekdays it just ain’t happening.
    I even make lunch the night before and lay hte clothes out and pack the school bag.

  7. Lady Estrogen

    I simply cannot function without breakfast – I’ve always loved it; relied on it. It’s really what wakes me up in the morning… or at least before I had kids, it was. HA

  8. Gemma @ My Big Nutshell

    Ha! great post!

    No breakfast for me. We have plenty of time it is just that my stomach is always in knots trying to ensure we get out the door without too much craziness I don’t feel like I can eat and the appetite is lost.

  9. Elizabeth

    I am a terrible morning person, so hubby wakes me up every morning with a fresh squeezed juice and a hot coffee chaser lol. This seems to do the trick to get me into the shower, then downstairs into the kitchen to join the family breakfast of oats and fruit, yogurt, and toast that hubby has already made. I know, I know, lucky me – awesome breakfast hubby! But, this does mean I get to vacuum, clean bathrooms, cook dinner, washing…lol!
    Elizabeth from http://thedotdotblog.blogspot.com/

  10. Diminishing Lucy

    My granny always used to tell us to “breakfast like a king” and I always ignored her (like you do…)

    Since deciding to lose weight and give up the cigarettes, I have been a brekky advocate.

    In school rush days, just coffee and a protein shake.

    On slow days, coffee, fruit, yogurt, porridge…

    And on the days I am being a lard-arse, toast and marmalade. Four rounds. Sitting at the kitchen table. Toast rack and the butter dish…and a gallon of coffee.


  11. Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots

    I can’t face anything without a cup of tea, the kids have learnt to leave me be till after I’ve had tea…but breakfast for me on school days just doesn’t happen. Sometimes I might pinch a bit of the twins’ toast but only if they aren’t going to eat it 🙂

  12. Alison

    On a school day it’s a couple of slices of toast and orange juice followed by a coffee at work. On Sundays it’s the same but at a much slower pace. In the hols it’s a variety of yoghurts, fruit, eggs done in different ways and proper coffee. x

  13. therhythmmethod

    I always eat breakfast. But we’re usually up at 5.30 to 6am, and don’t need to be anywhere until at least 9am, so it’s a very long, drawn out affair with people coming and going and sometimes even 2 rounds of breakfast before I clear it all away.

  14. Kristy

    I am a recent lover of breakfast. I have finally discovered that it really is true that it helps your body and weight loss. I used to skip it to save calories, but it just doesn’t work. So now I enjoy breakfast AND I’m still losing weight. During the school year, it’s cereal bar/milk or cereal. If I have something warm, then it’s a lite, frozen breakfast sandwich. All I have time for. And, I don’t even allow myself time to have it at home! I rush out the door with it and eat it when I get to work!

  15. Mrs Catch

    Coffee first, then porridge with syrup. Sometimes we have fruit and yoghurt, but other times, I make up some fresh muffins. Oh, and eggs. You can never have enough eggs. No-one gets out of their pyjamas til lunch. It’s the rule…

  16. Jen

    I’m a HUGE cereal fan, so many varieties, and so quick. Yum!

  17. InkPaperPen

    I love to eat breakfast although I don’t eat it much these days. I tend to pick at the boys breakfast. I eat their crusts and porridge left overs. Silly, really. I know I should sit down and eat with them but, for some reason, I don’t…

  18. Mama of 2 boys

    I do love breakfast, though I’m pretty boring and such a creature of habit. Dairy Farmers peach & mango yoghurt with toasted muesli… the only thing that occasionally changes, is the portion… large or larger ;o)
    Enjoy your couple of weeks of breakky indulgence xo

  19. Ms Styling You

    Once every three months – and at 10am in my pyjs! Last day for us tomorrow. Sad.

  20. Dolores

    Always a cup of tea first up… and then a cappuccino later in the morning. Our coffee machine broke a number of months ago and it has been a right pain to have to buy a coffee on the run.

    On days when we have to get out the door I have Carmen’s muesli with yoghurt (Vaalia Passionfruit or Forme Blueberry/Strawberry etc). I’m not much of a milk person and I find that it can sit while I’m doing other tasks and come back to it every couple of mins and it doesn’t get soggy. Also, if I’m really in a hurry I’ll have a Carmen’s Muesli bar while I’m driving (the kids are now eating them too for snacks).

    When time is not an issue/the weekend, we might have soft boiled eggs, stove cooked porridge, pancakes or sourdough with vegemite.


  21. Mum on the Run

    I may just faint if I skip breakfast!
    Enjoy many breakfasts these holidays.

  22. Seana Smith

    I’ve always had one child or other waking me up around 6am, so there’s no morning rush at our house. I’m always shocked, SHOCKED! when I hear of mums who don’t eat breakfast. Love breakfast!!! Am starving!! Muesli, prunes, yoghurt, you can’t go wrong. Some days I might not eat it until after the school drops but prefer earlier.

    Ladies! It’s the most important meal of the day. My Granny always said so, and she was a woman who was always right.

  23. todd carr

    brunch just once a week, every sunday. otherwise it is coffee and a small power bar. I WISH I would have the gumption to poach an egg on my way into work.

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