Getting ready for Big School is for the birds

Mr4 came home from preschool with one thing on his mind. “We need to be bird spies this afternoon, Mum,” he said. “I’ll get the binoculars.”

Given that last weekend he was trying to ‘shoot’ all the birds in the neighbourhood with a stick, there’d obviously been an epiphany.

Binoculars in hand, we went to sit on the front steps to await our feathered visitors. And we waited. And waited. “Why aren’t there any birds today, Mum?” he asked.

Let’s see. In the 15 minutes that we were on the steps, he’d recounted a story about The Kings, his friends from preschool, in his (very loud) Outside voice. Sung me a new song that he’d made up about birds. Jumped down onto the paving to show me how ‘jumpy’ his new gumboots were. Waved the binoculars around to show our neighbour across the street.

You get the picture…

“The birds won’t come unless we’re very very quiet and don’t move,” I whispered.

“Oh,” he said, dropping back down to sit next to me. A heartbeat of silence.

“Mum, how do birds fly? What do they eat?”

Hmmm. “Why don’t you put those questions on the Wondering Wall at preschool? You can ask K, your teacher.”

“Good idea.” Pause. “Mum, I really like K. She teaches us really good things.”

Like what?

“Like stuff we need to know to go to high school next year.”

Oh, big school stuff. Like what?

“Like how to sit really quietly on the mat and listen and be patient.”

Good to see those lessons are sinking in.

[image: I love this little bird print from barkingbirdart/etsy]