YouTube must wait: my music career has stalled

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Posted on June 16, 2011

The band has split up. Mr7 has decided to trade me and my guitar in for bright lights and black and whites. He is not a string man anymore. Keys all the way, Baby. He has discovered the piano and he loves it.

No more guitar lessons together.

It’s always the talent that makes the decisions, isn’t it? Everyone else is left to muddle along, trying to work out whether a drummer can write music and whether three years as a rhythm guitarist qualifies you to be a lead singer. I’ve lost the impetus to learn.

My guitar lies idle in the corner. Resentful. Pouting. Fretting.* I must find some lessons of my very own. Even B, our beautiful 17-year-old teacher, has abandoned me. Something about an HSC. Really.

In the meantime, I am reduced to roadie. Driving Mr7 to his lessons at the big, old, once-grand house in town. Waiting out the front, watching the cars drive in and out of the bottle shop driveway opposite, or the trucks reverse precisely into the supermarket loading dock.

The music industry is all glamour. I’m just hoping I’m never called upon to lug the piano to a gig.

*sorry, couldn’t resist


  1. Being Me

    You had me before fretting. But then you really had me. And yeah.. how do those big trucks do that??? (answer: monotonous hours of doing it at loading dock after loading dock, I’m sure)

  2. Sarah

    Awwww you’re a roadie now? You Ms Tait, are a master of much.

  3. River

    Ha Ha @ fretting! Piano goes very well with guitar, march on in there and say “I wanna play too”
    Or perhaps he could show you on his guitar the things he’s learnt at piano practice.
    I can’t play anything. The music just isn’t in me.

  4. Mindy

    You jest, but I honestly “lost” a piano years ago because someone needed to borrow it for a gig. I had to buy a new one. At least I didn’t have to help move it…

  5. thepowmill

    Well , he did not choose the drums yet . I think you let him take what he’s into right now. If he has a love for it , he’ll want to play them all eventually . I’m picturing you with a ‘dolly’ for a while.

  6. Niki Hudson

    Fretting – hee hee 🙂

    Sorry to hear the band broke up. However, how absolutely WONDERFUL that your children are such self-directed learners! Sounds like they are quite a diligent bunch. Good job Mum!

  7. todd carr

    Phil Collins went from drummer to international sensation..you’ve got hope on your side.

    pseudio anyone?

  8. Melanie

    I loved the fretting joke. My son learned piano first and then when he picked up a guitar, it already all made sense to him. All he had to do was memorize some chord fingerings! Piece of cake. So maybe your little man will be bi-instrumental in time!

  9. MultipleMum

    There is something very sexy about a man on the keys. He knows this. He wants it. Rock on sweet sis. Your chord changes make the world go around x

  10. Jodie Ansted

    HSC? Pffft. Where are young people’s priorities these days?


  11. Jen

    I switched between many instruments as a child, but the piano always stuck with me. He will find his passion!

  12. Mañana Mama

    I reckon it’s just a phase…surely the band will regroup for a lucrative tour someday soon 🙂

  13. Mañana Mama

    I reckon it’s just a phase…surely the band will regroup for a lucrative tour someday soon 🙂

  14. Thea

    Ohhhhhh dear! But he’s a smart kid. Of course the piano is better…coming from a wannabe pianist!

    That reminds me…better give my 6yo boy his 2nd piano lesson. First one was only last month…or something. Perhaps this is why parents should not be teachers!

  15. InkPaperPen

    I think you should rescue the guitar from the corner and rope your Mr 4 in as replacement. Get to him first though! Oh and fretting? It gave me a giggle. I can see why you couldn’t let this one go

  16. Diminishing Lucy

    I called out to the lovely husband that your guitaring had come to an momentary pause. And no word of a lie, he responded with “She must be fretting” and laughed at his own joke….


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