There’s a lot to do to be a Daddy

Posted on June 9, 2011

Mr4 and I had one of those conversations today. We were heading off to the picture framer to collect his first birthday presents and I explained that they were for his room. He was excited. Were there Ninja Turtles involved? Fireman Sam? Er, no, I had to tell him. These were special ones. Ones that he would be able to give to his children one day.


“Will I be a Daddy?”

“Maybe. Hopefully.”


“There’s a lot to do to be a Daddy.”

Hmmm. This could be interesting. “Like what? What do you think you’ll need to do to be a Daddy?”

“Well, I’d have to cook dinner for the Mummy so that she didn’t have to do it every night.”

Huzzah! “What else?”

“I’d need to be able to read, so I could read stories to the kids.”

Tick. “And?”

“I’d have to practise sending them to bed when they were naughty.”

Suppressed laughter. Silence.

“AND, I’d have to look after them… Mum?”


“I don’t think I’m ready to be a Daddy. There’s a lot to do.”

Take your time, Mr4, take your time.

[image: keychain from patsdesign/etsy]


  1. Kymmie

    Adorable! With a capital “A”. And you must be relieved he’s not ready yet?

  2. Zoey @ Good Goog

    Sounds like he will be an awesome daddy. He’s been trained so well for one so young 😉

  3. Beth Ann

    What a sweetheart. It sounds like he has a wonderful view of what its like to be a Dad.

  4. Mindy


  5. So Now What?

    I think one of the great things he will get to do when he does become a dad, is to whistle in a super passive aggressive way when he’s got the shits. It truly is a talent only a Dad knows. Love it. From your v. bad at commenting bloggy friend x

  6. Melissa *Suger Coat It*

    I love this. This is a conversation i would have had as a child. Very thoughtful. And kinda stressy. It seems so daunting, the adult thing, when you are a kid. Heck, some days it’s still daunting.

    Beautifully told as always.

  7. River

    It looks to me like your far-in-the-future daughter in law is going to be one lucky lady.

  8. InkPaperPen

    Mr 4 is spot on! Love that he is all for sharing the dinner duties (it is my never ending struggle – finding meal inspiration!). My 3 year old recently told me that he is “nearly an adult.” I asked what makes someone an adult and after some thoughtful consideration the reply came: “Well, you have to be able to drive a car, you must have a big tummy and you must have nose hair.”

    Oh dear.

  9. MultipleMum

    This seems to run in the family. Nug tells me he doesn’t want to be an adult because ‘there is too much work to do’. Perhaps we complain too much?? I love Mr 4s take on life. He would be the perfect child if he weren’t so bleeding loud! Ha, ha! x

  10. Maxabella

    He’s just so darling. I can see those big thoughtful eyes mulling over all that work to do to be a Daddy and then the bright, lightbulb moment: I can wait. Triumph! x

  11. Seana Smith

    Wise words, wee man. I’m going to print this off; my hubby needs to know this stuff.

  12. cheryl

    so so cute.

  13. PinkPatentMaryJanes

    Oh bless! You know you’re doing the right thing when you hear words as beautiful as those.

  14. Photographer Mum

    That’s awesome. What a wonderful little boy you have

  15. thepowmill

    Don’t they give you such precious moments . Hope you are collecting these anectdotes in a treasure box called precious things …to give along with the pictures .

  16. Diminishing Lucy

    Oh Al, he is adorable. G+He has his head switched on totally.

    (Lexie tells me she is never going to ba a Mumma. When I asked her why not, she tells me it is too hard work. Ummmmm.)

  17. Mila

    He is observant and a wise little man. You and your husband should be proud. Your son is paying attention.

  18. todd carr

    that’s sweet. I like that he’ll make dinner and help share the load.

    good kid! gives promise to the future.

  19. Beach City Girl

    He sounds just precious. What a lucky mommy you must be.

  20. Vanessa

    Too adorable!!! Don’t you love the mind of 4 year olds?

  21. Mama of 2 boys

    Oh gorgeous! Always love a good convo between you and Mr4. He is so perceptive and incredibly cute.
    And yes… PLENTY of time for fatherhood Mr4, like in another say, 30 years!

  22. Mum on the Run

    Love the ‘mouths of babes’.
    Great role model M.r $ must have – especially the making some dinners part.

  23. Jen

    That is so cute! Your little guy really thought that through. He’s going to be a good daddy someday 🙂

  24. edenland

    Oh. Oh. Tears sprang to my eyes, that was just so precious.

  25. Danger Boy

    It sounds like he’s got a good foundation to build on! I bet you’re feeling that pride thing right now. 🙂

  26. Denwise aka Denyse Whelan

    The lovely part about blogging is posts such as these which will be treasures themselves for your sons to read later.
    Mr 4 is a thinker. We need more thinkers. Sounds like he will, one day, be an awesome Daddy!

  27. Lady Estrogen

    Awe – very nice.
    If only they still think that until they are at least, umm… 25!

  28. Fox in the City

    Ah, that is just so sweet. It sounds like he will be a wonderful dad . . . when the time is right.

  29. Kevin

    That’s cute.

  30. Cate

    awww, that is just so sweet. Clever boy, that Mr 4

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