World Series Wrestling: Fibro style

Posted on May 24, 2011

Little boys like to fight. They like to wrestle and roll, rumble and rock. They like to throw themselves from sofas and tables and chairs and toy boxes, launching themselves into attack.

They bounce off walls and floors and furniture – and sometimes they don’t (bounce that is).

They’ll pummel and punch, karate chop and kick, belt and wallop, laughing all the time – until they don’t (laugh that is).

They’ll use their Dad’s dirty socks as nun chucks (true story), rulers as swords, wooden spoons as sabres. They put their bodies on the line.

Every afternoon when The Builder gets home, the Fibro becomes the staging house for an all-in brawl wrestling match of epic proportions. All-in, bar one. That would be me. I stand back and watch as they do their thing.

With two younger sisters and one much-younger brother, I don’t get it. But it’s not up to me to get it. It’s what they do. So I cover my ears and my eyes and let them get on with it.

Little boys (and big ones) like to fight.



  1. HeeWho

    Little and big boys like to fight. Sometimes I wonder if that’s the only language they truly understand.

  2. Maxabella

    Max watches the WWWF (or whatever it’s called!) with Nonno and it brings back such fond and not so fond memories. I recall that Coo and I were FULLY INTO the WWWF as juniorburgers. Do you remember that? And during a particularly heavily fought round, she kicked me into the heater in the rumpy room and to this day my jaw clicks. Click, click. Click, click, f’ing, click.

    Hmmmm… not just for the boys then!! x

  3. Emma

    With only a sister, I don’t get it either. But I do remember my two boy cousins thinking we were ideal wrestling partners/victims whenever our families visited each other. Not. Fun.

  4. nadinewrites108

    In my house the need to rumble has only one oultet, given that the Little Lion is still only 2. Me.

    And have I mentioned that Mr D used to be a kickboxer? True story. Commonwealth and Pan Pacific Champion no less. I don’t stand a chance unless I play dirty and go in with the nipple cripples, the tickle fingers, the threat of a nutcracker. It’s so undignified!

  5. deer baby

    So true! Nearly bought mine some WWF slippers the other day but the faces on them were too scary.

  6. khush

    Hi Allison! This is so true!
    My baby brother used to practice his karate lessons on me! Gosh, I think I would name him ‘merciless’, if he becomes a karate fighter 😛

  7. thepowmill

    So so true …testosterone thing .

  8. Cate

    to be honest – I don’t really get boys either. Probably comes from having 3 girls.
    I remember breaking up what I thought was a real fight once in the playground only to have the two boys look at me with bewildered innocence – “we were just playing!”
    Sigh – I don’t get it!

  9. Cath

    Apparently it’s good for them – Steve Biddulph says so, and he’s a male. As a complete pacifist (and female) I don’t get it, but I know I have to stand by and watch the munchkin play rough with Daddy and his friends. And pick up the pieces afterwards. Just don’t get me involved.

  10. Diminishing Lucy

    So true.

    Charlie and the lovely husband wrestle all the time. I love to watch, shaking my head in confused amusement.

    My brothers STILL wrestle. One is 51, the other is just 40. They prod and poke one another and then go into battle, for sport…

    Strange. Testosterone. Cute.

  11. Mama of 2 boys

    Hahaha, I LOVE this! I actually have a post brewing about this very subject. It is quite an awakening for me to have 2 boys now, I am astonished at how the little one has thrown himself head first into the daily wrestles with his big bro and Daddy. It’s incredible to watch and I think it’s simply genetics at play AND I don’t think we’re meant to understand :o)

  12. Danger Boy

    It’s totally true. And it begins at a very, very early age. Little Danger has been trying to beat up daddy since 6 months.

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