What’s on your Lifetime To Do List? It may not be what you think.

Posted on May 17, 2011

Yesterday, I ticked not one, but two things off the Lifetime To Do list. The Lifetime To Do List is that ever-accumulating list of things that you’re constantly getting around to, but never actually seem to get there. Hence, they seem to take a lifetime to achieve. Things on this list for me tend to include such things as getting the carpets cleaned, getting the pictures framed, dusting under the bed, having the blinds cleaned, hanging the pictures… all those things that you’re forever ‘getting around to’.

Well, no more. On a few items anyway. The Fibro is currently beaming under the weight of freshly steam-cleaned carpets (bonus: under the bed no longer requires dusting – result!). I realise now why I put it off for so long as well. It took one hour to do and yet the furniture is still cluttering up the hallway, awaiting the moment when the carpet is truly dry. I have a bad feeling that once you wet the carpet it will forever feel ‘slightly damp’, either in reality or in my mind. Jumping over the magazine rack to get to the bathroom is rapidly growing old though.

My second achievement was to arrive at the framing shop with two lovely prints that Mr4 received for his first birthday. Time moves slowly in the Fibro. After half an hour of discussing frames and matting and foamcore and wires, the pictures are in the hands of the expert and will be returned to me, ready to hang, in a fortnight. Are you wondering why it took me so long to get around to this? I know that I am.

So there you have it. An achieving kind of day. I feel ready to tackle anything. Well, anything but the next item on my Lifetime To Do List, that is.

What’s on your Lifetime To Do List? Are there things that take you an apparent lifetime to get around to doing?



  1. House of Prowse

    Visiting you from the rewind. ahh framing those prints – always always costs more time choosing and money than you expect! Been there a few times!

  2. Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots

    Oh this sort of list is never ending really isn’t it? I actually just got our carpets cleaned after talking about doing for over a year. Only because we were having friends over 🙂 this weekend rewind is fun

  3. MultipleMum

    Still haven’t had any joy with the touch typing! I saw your lifetime lists framed pics in the flesh the other day and they look fab! Thanks for Rewinding x

  4. A Farmer's Wife

    I find getting the carpets cleaned makes me feel like an uber domestic goddess. Obviously it doesn’t take much.

  5. cjtato

    Oh! That list! Yes, seems I have one of those. Because who thought it was a good idea to scrapbook the first two years of each child’s life? Right?

    Took me five years to do the first one and I’ve got two more to do which would require me actually printing off photos. Yep. Put that on the list too. LOL

    Ummm, I’ll stop. I have a LOT on my to do list.

    So how do those pictures look?

  6. Hi I'm Rhonda.

    my list would be a mile long, but yet it seems that the daily life gets in the way of the things i manage to keep putting off. but someday, i will clean my carpets, paint my room and organize my photos.

  7. InkPaperPen

    Still haven’t put up my family photos! The second post in this weekend’s Rewind that has reminded me of something I still haven’t done. Must stop making comments about things “I am going to do”.

    Have a great weekend


  8. InkPaperPen

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  9. Amanda

    Updating our contents insurance to actually vaguely reflect what we have. We would be in serious trouble in case of fire. Or (the way I like to see it) we wouldn’t be able to replace half the crap we have and we’d finally only have what we actually need and use.

  10. muminsearch.com

    Transferring all my super into the same account. Instead I keep on transferring the to-do entry in my diary from one month to the other.

  11. Kellie

    Hubby did the steam cleaning of the carpet a few months back and admitted he actually enjoyed it! Now Baby Holly is flat out crawling, it’s time to tackle it again. 🙂

  12. georgi hampton

    i’d like to travel by myself – that’s the top of my list at the moment. stopping by from the rewind. x

  13. Georgie

    Reading all the books in our home library… every last one of them. That really will take a lifetime, but that’s a happy kind of task. gxo

  14. EmmaK

    It would be nice to lose the 15 pounds of flesh that seem to have crept up on me over the years! But at least I have my health.

  15. Mama of 2 boys

    I have many things on that lifetime list. I always feel a sense of accomplishment if I knock off at least one of them each day though. You should feel extra proud, knocking two off in one day :o)

  16. Naturally Carol

    If I have someone to ring..I tend to put it off if I can til I have a few then ring them all in a row! Other things I have put off and then I get to the point that I no longer want that thing done..the idea is past it’s use by date, so I’ve probably saved a fair bit of money by now. There has to be one upside of procrastination!

  17. ClaireyH

    I have these lists so long that I need to have a list to say, go to the list.

  18. Cath

    I’m supposed to be the family record keeping “expert” yet 12 years later I still don’t have a proper wedding album, the munchkin’s baby book hasn’t been updated since his first birthday (he’s nearly 5) and family photo albums – well…

    Plus the carpets and couches need steam cleaning (waiting for my new studio to be built – been waiting 6 months now!), the deck railings need to be painted, the veggie garden needs “upgrading” so it actually grows veggies, and I’d really like to create some cute silvery decorating thingie for the fairy garden.

    Well done Allison for getting something on your life list done. They’re usually things that DO matter. It’s a lot of the other stuff we spend time on that doesn’t.

  19. Aakriti

    Haha:)..:P…You must be like “Phew!!!…finally”..:P..:) congrats:) Well on my Lifetime To do list is to learn Salsa with a guy who either makes me fall in love or whom I love;) many other things in addition to that though, like controlling my temper etc….:P

  20. MultipleMum

    Learning to touch type properly is on my list. I moved it to the 52in52 list this year so hopefully I will tick it off. No signs yet x

  21. River

    I have no such list although I could probably start one. #1 would be to have the TV antenna properly installed so it doesn’t rip itself off the roof again in the next big windstorm.

  22. InkPaperPen

    oh sooo many things! But the biggest thing is putting all of my old photos on the wall in the collection of matching white frames that I bought AGES ago..Oh and I am always planning on arranging all of my Penguin Classics artfully together on a book shelf somewhere(i saw it once in a magazine and liked the look). If I ever get around to that, I will let you know!

  23. LessMess

    what about just crossing things off – like without actually doing them. It’s a skill to be learnt, like saying “no”. There are more things in live you don’t actually have to do, but most people never questioned it: putting a load of washing on every day, sticking photos in an album, writing Christmas cards,cooking dinner every day, ironing…
    I personally ditched the photo sticking, I’ll get around to it when I am a grandmother and until then, I am not thinking about it. Liberating!!!

  24. Mrs M

    Ha! I just read this post now. I’ve just posted on my blog the deep philosophical question of whether our 20 year old selves are happy with what we’ve done with our lives now that we are 30 plus-some-and-a-little-bit-more older 🙂

    Lifetime to-do lists. Makes me feel better if I don’t get it all done today.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  25. Suzi

    That’s great! We have so many half finished projects around here it’s not funny. As for achievements, we finally put the fire place in 🙂 – nothing like -6 degrees to motivate you!

  26. So Now What?

    Shit. I don’t have a list. I think I am about to do a post about the one book you would recommend everyone read in their lifetime because I’ve realised there are so many I’ve missed out on. So maybe just educate myself a bit more? And write my own book and stop dicking around.

    Bern xx

  27. mamabook

    Recent move o/s meant an entire lifetime of to dos had to get done in record time. It was exhausting! Now I am busy growing a whole new list. Like this great photo I found when packing that I want to blow up and frame. THe negative has travelled in my handbag across the world… I almost did it yesterday. Oh god, there is no hope!

  28. Kristy

    I did my one lifetime list item. Have a child. Now it’s time to relax. When do we get to relax?

  29. thepowmill

    I have a list too long to write here . A goodly number are jobs I started 10 years ago and got to the stage of ” That’s good enough for now …” Any moment in time can change my priorities . Guilt and shame have no affect on me now . Only ‘someone may come to serious harm if I don’t do this’ works on me . Those one’s I do within a day .

  30. todd carr

    my lifetime list seems to have been taken hostage by my partner Aaron, although he is very kind to read of this list to me every night when I come home from work. 🙂

  31. Stacia

    Does “shave my legs” count?? I gotta get around to that one of these days …

  32. Fox in the City

    Wow, what a great feeling of accomplishment!

    I would love to get the carpets steamed but there is absolutely no place to put the furniture. So, for now, I do little spot cleans!

  33. Lady Estrogen

    I’d like to unpack the rest of my office – it will take a lifetime, I just know it.

  34. allison tait

    @DiminishingLucy – please don’t mention the photos…

    @Austflaneur – or the recipes…

    @Maxabella – the picture will be very lovely. Now.

    @Therhythmmethod – the Will is the one thing I can say that I’ve done.

  35. therhythmmethod

    Pictures, blinds … these are All Stars on my life list. I used to think that if I finished my list, I could retire. But alas, I’m pretty sure I’d just end up with a whole new cast of All Stars to get to know, and then promptly avoid.
    I am soon to cross of ‘write will’ from my list. Amazing how long one can live without one. Hope I don’t die as soon as I sign it. That would be worthy of an Alanis Morrissette song…

  36. Maxabella

    Well, you already know about the vacuum cleaner cord…

    I think I was the bringer of one of those first birthday pictures. I’m shocked. Well, not really. I mean, I did grow up with you. But still, a little shocked. x

  37. austflaneur

    Oh, how I wish I could be organised enough to get the carpets cleaned. And the windows, while we’re at it.

    My big “to do” right now is to go through the giant pile of magazines hiding behind the study door, tear out all the recipes/pictures/articles/whatevers that I want to keep and recycle the rest.

    Maybe next weekend?!

  38. Diminishing Lucy

    The carpet clean (twice yearly, as a result of parents in law visits) is a done deal for me.

    But photos….eeeek!

    They are my “when I get around to it…” thing.

    When I am an old lady of 87, I shall still be promising myself to “sort out” three generations of photographs…

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