Imaginary friends: Another reason to blog

Did you know that children with imaginary friends retain knowledge faster than other children, are more sociable and more creative? So when they disappear, questions are required.

In case you haven’t been introduced, Alla Hoo Hoo is Mr4’s imaginary friend. She appeared in the Fibro about a year ago, and teaches him all sorts of things. She wears a brown dress and ‘big’ shoes. She rides a motorbike, has a purple forklift, is a member of the SES, has a fluctuating number of children (anywhere between four and 98, depending on the day), and is, apparently, married to a pizza. You can see how her presence would be missed.

I decided to probe.

“So, where’s Alla Hoo Hoo these days?” I asked. (I am nothing if not subtle.)

“Oh, she moved to Sydney,” said Mr4. Unconcerned. Completely.

“Will she come back? Is she just visiting? Why did she move?” Concerned. Completely.

He looks at me. “I don’t need her anymore, Mum.”

And with that, she’s gone. Replaced by his friends at preschool and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’m not quite sure what effect this will have on his knowledge retention, sociability and creativity, but I know that I’ll miss her.

And if I ever question the value of my blog for Fam Fibro, I will think of Alla Hoo Hoo. Without this blog, our future conversations may go like this: ‘Remember how Mr18 used to have that imaginary friend when he was four? What was her name?’. Instead, she will forever be remembered as a big-shoe-wearing, motor-bike-riding, bushwalking, evil genius.

See. There’s knowledge retained, right there.