Imaginary friends: Another reason to blog

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Posted on May 22, 2011

Did you know that children with imaginary friends retain knowledge faster than other children, are more sociable and more creative? So when they disappear, questions are required.

In case you haven’t been introduced, Alla Hoo Hoo is Mr4’s imaginary friend.

She appeared about a year ago, and teaches him all sorts of things.

She wears a brown dress and ‘big’ shoes.

She rides a motorbike, has a purple forklift, is a member of the SES, has a fluctuating number of children (anywhere between four and 98, depending on the day), and is, apparently, married to a pizza.

You can see how her presence would be missed.

I decided to probe.

“So, where’s Alla Hoo Hoo these days?” I asked. (I am nothing if not subtle.)

“Oh, she moved to Sydney,” said Mr4. Unconcerned. Completely.

“Will she come back? Is she just visiting? Why did she move?” Concerned. Completely.

He looks at me. “I don’t need her anymore, Mum.”

And with that, she’s gone. Replaced by his friends at preschool and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I’m not quite sure what effect this will have on his knowledge retention, sociability and creativity, but I know that I’ll miss her.

And if I ever question the value of my blog, I will think of Alla Hoo Hoo.

Without this blog, our future conversations may go like this: ‘Remember how Mr18 used to have that imaginary friend when he was four? What was her name?’.

Instead, she will forever be remembered as a big-shoe-wearing, motor-bike-riding, bushwalking, evil genius.

See. There’s knowledge retained, right there.


  1. michie

    i have imaginary friends also but i can’t decide what name should i give her..i love your blog so much,it’s so inspiring.keep it up.

  2. Stacia

    I’m going to miss her, too. Maybe she’ll send postcards??

  3. khush

    I dont think I had a particular imaginary friend, you know. I just imagined different people, talked, cracked jokes. And trust me, they where PERFECT! They answered exactly the I wanted them to answer, infact they did everythin’ I asked them to do! Sweet people 😛

  4. Maxabella


  5. Marthese

    Loved reading through all these comments and your post…isn’t nice sometime to live in wonderland…we can be anything we want…I must admit sometimes my family accuse me of being in Fairyland 🙂

  6. The Rambling Pages

    My Little Man had an imaginary friend, his name was Fred, he lived in the sky in a castle with his mum, was 46 and had pink hair. He often use to run along the side of the car, sit in the middle of the car and be in the house. When we moved in october it seems fred didnt mvoe with us, although he hadnt made an appearance in a while anyhow because his mum had said he had to go out and get a job apparently. I too asked where fred was and got the same answer, he stayed down south as they didnt need each other anymore. I use to quite like Fred!

  7. Mañana Mama

    How sweet. My eldest has an imaginary friend called ‘Kid’ who lives in her hand (Kid’s mom lives in her other hand). Kid might be the cutest thing I’ve come across yet, but then again I haven’t yet met Alla Hoo Hoo…

  8. Anita

    I think I’m missing the imaginary friend gene; I never had one. Thinking about it I can’t recall my siblings ever having had one either. Nor did my older two children. There’s hope yet though, maybe the wee babe will grow up to have an imaginary friend…

  9. A Farmer's Wife

    I had an imaginary friend. Her name was Joan. We used to drink tea out of a tin teapot and tin tea cups. Apparently she was very well mannered.

  10. River

    I never had an imaginary friend. Being a middle child I probably had no need. Plus I was always reading so there just wasn’t time to be talking and playing with someone who wasn’t there. My kids didn’t have them either, they had each other instead.

  11. Emma

    Love how he is so matter-of-fact and adapatable. Presumably Alla Hoo Hoo has gone to be friends with someone who needs her now. And who lives in Sydney, obviously.

  12. Donna

    Yes, God bless the blog and its abilities to permanently etch memories into our lives forever more! My husband has has my first 100 blogs bound and printed in a hard cover book and one day I can hand it to my son and say “here, this was your life, our world..” What a gift!

  13. todd carr

    can adults have imaginary friends, I need to improve my social and knowledge retention skills. maybe I’ll try to beckon Ms Alla hoo hoo.


    thanks Allison!

  14. Jodi Gibson

    What a cool name! Love it. I love imagination and creativity in children. It is such a necessary part of growing up.
    Miss 5 had/has an imaginary friend. His name is Casper and he alternates between being a cat and a human. He hangs around less these days since she started school, but every now and then he will reappear much to the delight of Miss 5. (and me!)


    I had still now. I hope none of my friends will know this. 🙂 He’s name is Jo-JO. Hes my superhero. He wears a red cape with an eye patch. Now, I used to talk to him whenever I’ve got problems when there aint someone to talk to. 🙂

  16. Fussy Eater's Mum

    I’m with Amanda and I think I need to invent an imaginary friend to help me retain knowlege, be more social and basically have some laughs with. Perhaps she can cook and clean for me too…

  17. bigwords is...

    So gorgeous he says he doesn’t need her anymore. Love that he’s confident to know when it’s time to move on. x

  18. Cate Bolt

    Charlie had an imaginary cat called Pablo. He was blue. Now he just names every new toy Pablo instead.

  19. Sannah

    What a great name! Only my eldest had make believe friends, perhaps the younger ones didn’t have the need because other children were already in the house? I loved his pretend friends, and their names, but it was before blogging, so I am at a loss to remember! I think one of my favourite things about blogging is the lovely record of life (lives) that it creates. Thanks for sharing yours!

  20. Kellie

    Oh, if only thre-year-old Ella were this creative. I’d like to hang out with Alla Hoo Hoo.
    Ella’s imaginary friends were replaced this week with something new – a baby in her tummy. Apparently, the baby was hungry the other day and needed ice cream! Nice try! 🙂
    Thanks so much for the link too!

  21. ClaireyH

    Oh, you will remember, I can still clearly remember my imaginary friend, Veronica. She was black and very very dirty, her Parents never made her have a bath. she had a white horse with larger purple spots and when my parents wouldn’t let her travel in the car with us…they wouldn’t leave my brother behind and put Veronica in the seatbelt, she would just jump on her horse and gallop beside me anyway.

  22. Mama of 2 boys

    Oh how gorgeous! I love how children can so confidently state these things. Makes you wonder why we get so uptight about their little habits… it clearly doesn’t bother them.
    It’s a beautiful thing that you have these memories recorded here on your blog and Mr4 will appreciate that you have one day.

  23. So Now What?

    My imaginary friends were Rulli and Chulli. I shit you not. I had a rollicking time with them even though my brother and his friend gave me hell. I had to give them up when they forced me to prove their existence. Couldn’t. Love this post. Cute x

  24. Amanda

    I also read Kellie’s post and was lamenting that I didn’t have an imaginary friend and therefore missed out on all that extra intelligence and wunderkind stuff. Now that you’ve (again) reminded me of it, and hearing how spectacularly cool Alla Hoo Hoo was (sorry, is, in Sydney), I am seriously considering inventing my own imaginary childhood friend, and just telling everyone I had kept him/her secret until now. Perhaps an imaginary friend with a flying carpet (or something cooler) who could fit right in to my travel blog. And it will all be thanks to the Rewind 🙂

  25. tinsenpup

    Blogs are good for holding on sometimes and letting go other times.

    I still remember my imaginary friends, Jimmy and Jicky, 33 years later. I imagine they’re doing well. They’re probably out there fighting the good fight for gay marriage or something. It’s a shame we lost touch.

  26. Daisy, Roo and Two

    10 different kinds of adorable right there!
    I love that he is so unconcerned about Alla Hoo Hoo moving to Sydney! Adaptable or what!

  27. Diminishing Lucy

    Lexie will be sad. She had formed an interest in Mr 4’s Alla Hoo Hoo.

    We still have Tres making appearences. She is useful to Lexie. When there is a mess or if she suspects she may be in trouble, Tres gets blamed…

  28. Lady Estrogen

    Awe! Firstly, that is THEE best name I’ve ever heard for an imaginary friend, by far.
    Secondly, aren’t they all evil geniuses? That is what’s so cool about them. lol

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