Baby it’s cold outside – come and share my Slanket

Allison Tait author
Posted on May 11, 2011

If there’s one thing I miss about working outside my home, it’s central heating. Never underestimate the joy of spending a goodly portion of one’s winter’s days in solid, all-round warm. Particularly solid, all-round warm for which someone else is paying.

Fibro houses are not noted for their stellar insulation properties. Thin walls are thin walls and no amount of ceiling insulation will stop the cold from creeping in. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to convince oneself (well, if you’re me, anyway) that running a gas heater all day to heat one person is economical. And let’s not even start on those long, chilly, wintry nights which, as we all know, is mostly when my work is done.

So it is with some joy that I announce my latest purchase. Joy and a crimson blush. For I have purchased one of those blankets with sleeves. The original version was called a Slanket and I used to watch the ads for them whilst breastfeeding Mr7 (who was not seven at the time) in the wee small hours of the morning. Which is to say that I saw the damn ads every single night, several times a night, for what felt like 150 years. And yet I was never tempted to purchase. The whole name thing put me off. Plus I was still manufacturing milk and eating for two and somehow the cold never touched me.

Fast-forward eight years and here I am, in my Fibro, in my Slanket knock-off (sorry Mr Slanket). It is dark brown and toasty warm. I proudly modelled it for my boys this afternoon. Misters 7 and 4 thought I looked very like Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Builder took one look and said: “Monk.” I can see that I will henceforth be known as Friar Fibro.

But, you know what? I don’t care. The sleeves are very long and with careful planning I can have them positioned so that they cover all the way to my knuckles and still leave my fingers free for typing. I have the whole arrangement double-wrapped around myself, all the way to the floor. And I am warm. So warm was I this afternoon that I gave serious consideration to wearing the damn thing to pick up the boys because the wind chill factor was so… chilly. The only thing that stopped me? Maxabella’s voice in my ear: “You left the house in a SLANKET.”

It cost me $10. I can see no environmental downsides (not taking into account the number of polyesters that may have died to make my winter coat). I think every home should have one.

So fess up – do you have a walking blanket with sleeves aka Slanket aka Snuggie aka… Or do you prefer an old-fashioned dressing gown? Or do you turn the heater up and wear singlets all winter?


  1. MultipleMum

    You know Bev bought me one? I think she won it actually. I am the red slanket queen. Thanks for the Rewind action x

  2. Charis

    I have never heard of a Slanket! I have invested in a poncho. I lurve it although my boyfriend calls me Pocahontas!

  3. Penny

    I’ll get my mum to make you a Shacket (a cross between a jacket and shawl) It is the pride and joy of my winter wardrobe – so much so I am not game to leave the house dressed it in. 😉

  4. Leah

    Man, I’m glad it’s warming up. I’m still wearing the slippers, but my dressing gown (aka backwards slanket) is away until March or so.

  5. Kim H

    Oh this post makes me soooo want it to be winter again! This heat is killing me!

    Love that no polyesters were killed for your slanket!

    Happy weekend xx

  6. tinsenpup

    Sad to say, having been deprived of warmth as a child, by my frugal father, I would run the gas heater for myself without a second thought. That’s a terrible thing to admit in the age of global warming, isn’t it?

  7. neesay

    All hail the slanket! Never braved one myself but have been known to run a very dodgy poncho on occasion 😉

  8. A Farmer's Wife

    Remember this post from the first time around. Just reminds me how cold living in a fibro can be. (And I’ve lived in a few….)

    Hi from your fibro added rewind!

  9. Veronica @ Mixed Gems

    What’s more important, I ask, fashion or warmth?! It sounds so cosy. I don’t have one. I just tend to layer up though it’s not too cold in my place during winter but for my feet. I always Hsve to keep those tootsies warm. I’d wear toe socks if I could find them in my size!

  10. Amy

    haha, I remember reading this the first time.

    It seems I didn’t comment though 🙁

    I haven’t given into a slanket/snuggie yet, my kids did get some for christmas last year though, they wear them occassionally…

  11. Kymmie

    And because I was giggling so much, I forgot to mention that I don’t have a slanket, I have an actual blanket. It has animals on it (because his name is Noah – get it?), and my son’s name and birth date stitched in the corner. Of course, it’s his. But he never uses it.

    And yes, we have central heating, and it’s on ALL DAY. Because we live in Melbourne, and have weatherboards, and I can’t let the children freeze now, can I? (But it doesn’t get any higher than 21 degrees. That’s okay, isn’t it?)


  12. Kymmie

    Oh, I can’t stop giggling! This is such a funny post. And I’m imagining you getting all “ObeWanKonobe” on us. Watch out world. And forget Stephen King. I think you’re writing far more like George Lucas!

  13. Catherine

    I don’t have a slanket or a snugglie but I do have sweat pants and 3 layers of tops (culminating in husband’s fleece pullover which I appropriated) AND fleecy socks with rubber grippers on the bottom. And I do leave the house in this outfit thanks to oversized peacoat and boots…

    Love this post and the photo!

  14. Cheers!

    Hilarious! I have an old fashioned super fuzzy pink robe with a cupcake on the pocket and a tie at the waist. It is divine! I need it all winter or the heating bill would start to gouge into my shoe budget. Momma’s got to have her sassy shoes!

    p.s. You must wear that for pick up one day…just cuz. That would be hilarious!

  15. deux chiens et un garcon

    My mother gave me one of those slankie thingos in tiger print. I secretly gave it to Vinnies.

    Fibro shacks are brutally cold. Brrrr.

    Loving my central heating.

    jill x

  16. Georgie

    I have my first ever pair of Uggies on my feet right now and I can see this winter is going to be a whole lot toastier… gxo

    P.S. I would agree with Maxabella… don’t let those sleeves leave the house.

  17. Emma

    I don’t currently have one but want one now – especially for 10 bucks! That’s even more economical than our free-wood fuelled fire – which isn’t actually all that economical given we have to collect the wood ourselves and the cracking pace at which the husband (who does wear t-shirts in winter) feeds it into the fire.
    Great post.

  18. MaidInAustralia

    Oh I totally need a slankett. But importantly, do they come in pink?

  19. Posie Patchwork

    Totally agree on not heating a house when you’re the only one left at home during the day!! I often don’t even take off my jacket which i took the children school in & walked the dog wearing, or derobe & throw on a thick hoodie. Often find i don’t remove my shoes, which is annoying to sew with shoes on, pedal wise. No snuggie for me, i am a designer & adore fashion, what is someone saw me – well apart from right now, in gym gear but actually heading to the gym, 4 children off to Zumba while i mountain climb on the spot?? Love Posie

  20. Maxabella

    So you bought the walking bed with arms… x

  21. MultipleMum

    Oh my! I am scared. I reckon the Builder nailed it with the Monk comment! You now own the prize for the worst dressed Tait (and that is saying something, hey Dad?)x

  22. edenland

    You actually GOT one? Wow. I would love to see a pic – even just a sleeve, artfully draped across your keyboard.

    After seven years of living in this house, I believe I’ve finally worn Dave down into central heating. This is a Big Deal.

    Catherine, the layering fan … you got it goin’ on, girlfriend. Mad props.

  23. todd carr

    I should have someone make me a patchwork Slanket! put a lit’l ole world style to it. colorful squares, I’d be the envy of all my neighbors.

  24. thepowmill

    Flannette PJ’s all the way. plus an arctic fleece thingee that I can put over them when I get up on especially cold days . Style be da****d . I’ll still be around when others succumb to hypothermia.

  25. Catherine

    To the person wondering if they come in pink- I don’t know but here in the U.S. they come in camo. Yup- fashion capital of the world.

    I’m a fan of layering. Boys size undershirt, oversized fleece top, sweat pants, and thick socks. In Portland, I can work this look until June. Then I replace the fleece with one of my husband’s old work shirts.

  26. Beth Ann

    I have a nappy, long button up the front sweater that I wear indoors when I’m cold. I always want to wear it out but don’t for fear of being treated like a homeless person. Maybe if it was a little less nappy.

  27. Lady Estrogen

    Ohh.. ha! I can totally picture you going outside with it on 😉

    I prefer just a nice fuzzy hoodie, but unlike all the AUS houses that I lived in (which were many, and none had proper insulation) Canadian homes are built for that – so it’s always snuggly. No tv products required.

  28. Fussy Eater's Mum

    When I left Manhattan to move to Perth I gave my fur coat away to a friend – it wasn’t anything glamorous, but boy was it warm, and yes I will wear whatever is necessary to stay warm. Anyhow, little did I know that it actually does get cold enough here to need it! I could cry. I may just go buy a Slanket to make myself feel better.

  29. A Farmer's Wife

    It sounds much cooler than my pink dressing gown.

    I agree with Love In A B and B’s suggestion of insulating the Fibro floor. Have lived in a fibro and they tend to be either stinking hot or freezing cold.

    I think I have seen Slankets advertised as “Cosies” or “Snuggies”.

    The next thing you need is one of those electric blanket footwarmer pocket things.

  30. InkPaperPen

    this made me laugh, Friar Fibro!Especially, for some reason, the little brackets about Mr 7 not being 7 while you were on all night breast feeding duties!

    In the depths of the Margaret River winter, I normally rug up in a tracksuit, ugg boots with a big white, fluffy, daggy dressing gown over the top. More of an Ewok than Obi-Wan

  31. Sarah Mac

    When the temperature dipped to -7 here in January with the wind chill factor making it -15 Id have tried anything!

    I was walking the dog in tights under leggings, under jeans with my daughters funky monkey dressing gown under a fleece and a leather jacket with a couple of cats thrown in for good measure.

    I’ve even been known to tuck my hot wather bottle under my jumper and defy anyone to ask when Im due.

    I do NOT do cold.

    Long live your slanket!

  32. Mama of 2 boys

    Oh how cute! Your slanket sounds wonderful. I was only thinking about that today, how when you’re working you never realise how cold the days are, because you’re kept at a nice stable temp all day!
    I will confess something to you, today, I stayed in my super warm dressing gown until after lunch! And no, I didn’t leave the house in it… not that bad… yet!
    We have 2 hand knitted blankets, made by my Mama, one for each lounge. Those and dressing gowns get us by. Once it gets REALLY cold, we’ll bring out the heater.
    Love the pic, adorable :o)

  33. Diminishing Lucy

    All three. Love my snuggle and my dressing gown AND the heater. Fashion and environment be damned.

  34. Dolores

    Oh, too tragic. 🙂 I can’t believe you fessed up. What happened to good ole’ uggies and trackies? Maybe you need a lovely woollen jumper? I don’t know, I think anything could be better than a snuggie. FYI, we have a gas heater with timer. Comes on at 6.30am and goes off around 9am, scheduled to come on around 5pm but today it was on as soon as we got home at 1pm. We also have radiators in the bedrooms also on timers. I can’t handle the cold and panic as soon as any of the rooms get below 18 degrees.

  35. Love in a B and B

    Get The Builder to insulate UNDER the house. (I’m assuming your fibro has an under-the-house.) Just don’t let him inhale while he’s down there.
    P.S. $10 ! Where’d you get it? xx


    Cute post. 😉

    Slanket is not needed in our country. It’s typically hot here.. 🙂


  37. Seana Smith

    I bloomin’ need one here in the morning. However I make do with my tartan dressing gown, purchased from Marks and Spencers when I was pregnant with Mr14. Still going strong, as is he.. but not so much me!

  38. ClaireyH

    I always wondered who would actually buy those things.

    Best I don’t as I hate the cold, I can barely cope with the first few days we have had, I would end up just sneaking out for quick trips in it and then, a little would turn to a lot, in five years I would be doing the shopping in a snuggie!

  39. Sarah

    I haven’t heard of this wondrous item before. Do they make them in pink?

  40. Thea

    NO! But I want one NOW….DAMMIT!!!

  41. therhythmmethod

    I think this was your funniest post.
    I agree with you re heating of whole house for one person, and the slanket is indeed a nifty solution.
    I’m guessing you didn’t write fashion features in your time at Cleo or Vogue? X

  42. Cate

    All I can say is thank god for Maxabella!!
    What’s next…ugg boots??
    Oh and thanks for qualifying that Mr7 was not 7 at the time (but I mean, you *do* have a snuggie so anything is now possible!!)

  43. Kimmie

    I bought a trendier version from Rivers online store that you can leave the house in hehehehe ;]


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