The magic of childhood

Posted on March 9, 2011

Mr7 has a new book. The Great Big Book of Magic Tricks. It arrived this afternoon. Cue: concert.

The joy.

To his credit, he pulled off three tricks. Including the Great Disappearing Coin trick. And the Let Me Guess Which Coin You Chose trick. The third, which he made up himself, involved inviting me to pick a card, putting that card back into the pack and then pulling out a completely different card.

“Where’s the magic?” I asked. Naive, that’s me.

“I turned your card into a different card,” he said, with great Magician-like confidence.


Mr4, as the Magical Assistant Guy, capered about in a pirate hat, witch’s robe and fireman’s pants. He managed to make a coin disappear too, but was roundly told off (by Mr7) for ruining the trick by dropping said coin from his ‘disappearing cloth’ to the ground. He then disappeared the $2 coin, which was from Mr7’s money box, into his own money box, right under Mr7’s nose.




  1. Mañana Mama

    Ah bless, a master magician in the making 🙂

  2. Nina Tobin

    Hahaha!! Love it!! Hmmmmmmm….maybe that’s how mummy’s money has magically been disappearing in our house. As always, Allison, well written. I soooo want to write like you when I grow up 🙂

  3. Donna

    Bless, cant wait til my boy is old enough to put on shows… Sounds, quite literally, like magic 🙂

  4. Kim H

    So gorgeous! have you got to the ‘jokes’ stage yet? It can last aloooooong time so be prepared;)

    Also loved your guest blog post linked on your magic Of Childhood one:)

  5. Mila

    Your Mr4 is so clever. I see the makings of a Forbes cover.

  6. Kirsty

    They both sound immensely talented – don’t you just love kids’ concerts!

  7. Danger Boy

    I love it! My brother used to disappear my spare change like that, too.

  8. hearts_in_asia

    Hehe, watch your younger make his millions!

  9. Diminishing Lucy

    Between the piano, the magic tricks and the dress ups, you have performers. Clever ones…


  10. lisa

    Oh, Mr4 is a smart little guy, disappearing Mr7’s toonie just like magic! Adorable. And so simply, poetically written.

  11. Stacia

    Oh, the confidence of a magician! (And a 7-year-old.) If only we all had it!

  12. MultipleMum

    Love it! Brothers. Urgh x

  13. Emma M

    Ha ha ha – fantastic! Well done Mr 5 🙂

  14. Andrea

    Awesome! Wish I was there to see it!

  15. River

    Mine were never into magic tricks, but they all managed to make money disappear on a regular basis.

  16. Jodie at Mummy Mayhem

    My 9yo went thru a magic stage. Unfortunately when he was a little too young to really comprehend how the magic tricks worked.

    It was torture. Torture, I tell you.

  17. Being Me

    Shazam! Ah, the magic tricks and the earnest, nail-biting part where they’re trying to dazzle you with their serious eyes but you can tell they’re concentrating so hard that their necks crane out like that makes it more convincing. Love it.

  18. MaidInAustralia

    Very cute. Mr 10 is a budding magician/illusionist also. He is so obvious but he thinks he is really talented! Miss 8 likes to play his assistant, complete with make-up and heels.

  19. therhythmmethod

    Laughing out loud. Pure Gold.

  20. Hot Cross Mum

    Love it! My ‘Mr’ 5 and 3 yr olds have recently taken to putting on clown shows for me – the best entertainment anyone could ever ask for!

  21. Mama of 2 boys

    Awww I always enjoy reading the posts about your Mr7 & Mr4! They are both so clever. But it sounds like Mr4 might be one step ahead in the “entrepreneurial” skills ;o)

  22. Madmother

    Be grateful. At five Boy 1 bought the Crystal Bible. At thirteen he now reads Deepak Chopra, Astral Travel for Beginners by Richard Webster, Psychic Protection by who the hell knows and other too deep for his mother stuff!

  23. Lucy


    Whilst your Mr 7 turns his hand to conjuring, my Mr 5 has purchased a joke book. From which he memorises riddles, jokes and quips.

    His stand up is worse than a concert, Al. I want a bookish child, not a company of performers.

  24. Maxabella

    “Turned your card into a different card” – oh he will go so far! I also meant to write on your previous post that I have also been obsessively researching since you told me about the ‘friend incident’, but I don’t consider it worrying, I consider it preparation… x

  25. Kymmie

    Too cute! I’m imagining that this is my life in two years’ time. Your boys are like mine. I love having boys. Never a dull day! xx

  26. Toni

    Had to laugh while reading this!

    Kids are so funny doing magic.

  27. Caz (The Truth About Mummy)

    We have lots of concerts at our house – but ours are dancing and acting ones. One of the joys of being a parent :O)

  28. Cate

    Yep, sounds like our house. Kids magic is a lot like kids jokes – just grin and bear it, and then clap (or laugh) when instructed to do so 🙂

  29. Cate Bolt

    Have more children.

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