Staking a claim

Posted on March 31, 2011

There has been a territorial coup in the Fibro. Bloodless, but revolutionary nonetheless. Mr7 has staked a claim to the back half of the garage, planted a flag and declared it his Clubhouse. The Builder has rigged up fairylights. He has a rug, a sofa, a fridge (full of beer but we haven’t told him that), a non-working television, a lamp and a chest of drawers.

All he needs to make his domain complete, he tells me, is a coffee table. On which to write books. Draw plans. And invent things. In the meantime, he makes do with the floor.

So far he is a Club of one. Mr4 has been deemed too destructive to join. Mr4 seems happy enough with this decision. He would rather follow his Dad around the backyard with a plastic lawnmower and a pair of earmuffs than be stuck in a shed. The Builder and I are associate members.

Much time and effort has been put into thinking of a name for the Club. At present, it is The Book Club. Though it has been, at varying times during the week, The Inventing Club and The Fun Club. There is a password you must know before you’re allowed through the door. I’d tell you, but then I might have to hand in my non-existent club badge. Rest assured, it is not ‘bokkens‘.

Mr7 has been retreating to his Clubhouse every afternoon this week. To draw. To dream. To invent a robot with arms that go up and down and legs that go side to side. So far the robot hasn’t made it off the pages of the Official Club Notebook, but it can only be a matter of time.

Come to think of it, a clubhouse would be cool. A Clubhouse of One’s Own. Hmmm. I can feel an uprising coming on.


  1. Andrea

    We had a clubhouse, which sounds very similar – under the house with odd furniture. And the club name”Jacka” after the initials of all the members~.

    You could call it “The Garage Guys Club”

  2. Naturally Carol

    Haha!..get your own corner of the yard! I wonder what we’d find in your Clubhouse!!

  3. Stacia

    The Inventing Club … Where should I send my dues??

  4. cathy@home

    I second it that he needs a coffee table for all his robot plans I myself have my eye on the attic its 129 SQM I will have room for a snooker table but I might have to take off the roof

  5. MultipleMum

    Could Mr 7 be the next Encyclopaedia Brown? I can’t wait to see the Clubhouse (is it open for Auntie viewings?) – have now got visions of transforming the cubbyhouse…

  6. Mama of 2 boys

    Brilliant! I don’t know what else to say. Reading this post brought me so much joy. I love your ‘Mr’ tales :o)

  7. Gill

    i was always forming clubs when I was his age..it is funny how wonderfully important you feel forming such a club, it is all very Enid Blyton isn’t it?

    Will they be having midnight feasts as part of this club? If so, I would like to join

    Gill xo

  8. Lucy

    Ahhhh. I suspect your enchanting Mr 7 would get along famously with Lady President Olivia of The Cooking and Art Club.

    There are two members – her and her mate Zach, who neither cooks not paints, but he finds rocks and birds nests and dead lizards and pinecones for their “clectons”.

    Lexie made “bembershit badgers” (“membership badges’) in the hope she would be allowed to join. But no. The cubby house at the bottom of the garden is OUT. OF. BOUNDS.

  9. Cate

    Yep, the back half of the garage is a great place for kids. We optimistically call our ‘the playroom’!!

  10. allison tait

    Ooh, Susanne, I think I have Clubhouse envy!

  11. Susanne

    We flipped the roof on the garage and made room for a tentlike gallery. With a tiny door on the side, reachable with a slipperidip going over the flower beds. It’s kids only unless we have visitors and they sleep up there. It’s like a tent in the trees… in the middle of Sydney

  12. Cate Bolt

    *sigh* This was my tin garden shed by the veggie garden in Cooma. I had a tape deck in there and some other stuff. I just remember the tape deck.Those were the days.
    I’m trying to get my husband to buy me a clubhouse (ie a crappy, I mean …vintage caravan) to move my office into. Maybe if I create a membership system I’ll get that off the ground.

  13. Dorothy

    A clubhouse of my own is just what I need…. with fairy lights…

  14. Lady Estrogen

    Awe yes. Clubs are fun 🙂
    Clubhouses are even better – I’d need to get an interior designer on that though – the insides usually need work. LOL

  15. A Farmer's Wife

    Mr 7 would get on very well with Farmboy.

    You have to get him a coffee table….

    He is obviously a gorgeous kid.

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