When your imaginary friend is an evil genius, eat popcorn

Posted on February 10, 2011

Alla Hoo Hoo, Mr4’s imaginary friend, has been very quiet for a while. No parties. No forklift. Not even mention of the 98 children. Mr4 tells me that this is because she is working on a “very big, very super new invention”.

Intrigued, I asked him what she is inventing.

“A popcorn maker,” he replied. “And she’s making it out of boxes. In a special workshop on the other side of the world.”

“But we already have a perfectly functioning popcorn maker (named Cornelius),” I said. “How will Alla Hoo Hoo’s be different?”

He thought. “It’s broken,” he replied.

She is clever that Ms Hoo Hoo. Instead of building an incredibly small window of functional operation into the device’s planned obsolescence (as most electrical appliances appear to have), she has decided to skip that step all together and take us directly to the point where we must buy a new popcorn maker as soon as we leave the shop with the one we just bought. Sheer evil genius.

I can see why she’s been so quiet.


  1. Mama of 2 boys

    I just simply love that your Mr4 has an imaginary friend named Alla Hoo Hoo! Gorgeous!

  2. nadinewrites108

    This is GOLD! My son’s only imaginary friend is and Anti-friend: a crocodile called “Crocodile” who threatens to eat him if he doesn’t have his blankets covering him (regardless of the weather). Crocodile also occasionally tries to steal his digger. Some friend!

  3. Naturally Carol

    I do hope she does offload all of her broken popcorn makers…or despite the fact that you have a working item..she may give each one of you a broken one for a birthday or even save them all up for Christmas presents! Family do that you know. Alla Hoo Hoo reminds me of Smith..he was mr m’s favourite companion for a few years..I don’t know where he went in the end.

  4. Jacki

    Just quietly, I LOVE reading your blog!

  5. Being Me

    Damnit, please forgive me, Mrs… Fibro. That Simpsonslover comment is me, it’s my old login and it still taunts me after 4 years if I’m not diligent. *sheepish grin*

    I still love it. Your son’s imaginary friend is awesome.

  6. E.

    An evil genius indeed. Is Alla Hoo Hoo feelign neglected due to the other freindship/s going on? Would that explain why she has become such an evil genius?

  7. MultipleMum

    So nice to see that Alla Hoo Hoo has re-emerged. With all this ‘real’ friend activity going on with his bromance, I thought we’d seen the last of her. Alas. She is busy inventing such useful things !?!

  8. allison tait

    I confess that the popcorn maker came complete with name. He is not a Popasaurus (sadly). Instead, he is a smiley corny yellow thing named Cornelius. I know. Alla Hoo Hoo would have done better…

    We are sad people who name our cars, but we draw the line at the toaster.


  9. Lucy

    I love that you name yur appliances. (So do we.)

    Alla Hoo Hoo must have the surdname of Kambrook…

    Your Mr 4 sounds so very endearing.

  10. Toni

    That’s a Deep Thinker you have there. And I don’t mean Alla Hoo Hoo.

  11. Deer Baby

    You name your appliances? Cornelius? Would you like to christen my Breville?

    I thought Alla Hoo Hoo had been quiet for a while. Love hearing her adventures.

    My word verification is Dringo. Wasn’t he in the Banana Splits?

  12. Maxabella

    That Alla Hoo Hoo is a marketing genius. I need her, send her over after she moves her last broken popcorn unit. x

  13. therhythmmethod

    Hmm, Alla Hoo Hoo may need that forklift after all, to move all those units of broken popcorn makers.
    Glad Mr 4 isn’t the one building the boat.

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