Now we are four

Posted on February 24, 2011

When I told Mr4 this morning that he would be seeing a doctor today he asked why.

“I’m not sick Mummy,” he said. “I’m on holidays.” Any day that is not a preschool day is a holiday as far as he’s concerned.

I went on to explain that he had to go and have his four-year-old needles. He wanted to know what a needle was. Given how much he screamed last time he had one, I was sure he’d remember. Clearly the two-year-old brain blanks out the pain of the immunisation process. Much as the maternal brain does with labour.

Mr7 was keen to elaborate. “They poke medicine in you,” he said. “It hurts a bit.”

Mr4 thought about that.

“I thought you went to the doctor to make you feel better,” he said. “Not to get hurt.”

Much discussion ensued about what kind of pain it was, how much pain there was, did we really need to do it?

Yes, I said, we did.

And so we did. Via a milkshake, and with the promise of a surprise if he was brave. And he sat up straight on my lap and didn’t even blink as two nurses approached from either side and jabbed him simultaneously. “That was all right,” he said, as he climbed down. “Now, where’s the surprise you promised me?”

Four is really very big, isn’t it?



  1. Stacia

    I was not expecting the four (four!) shots my daughter got at her four-year check-up. Consequently, at her birthday party the next day, she sat on the steps and watched her friends play because she was so tired and sore. Mom. Of. The. Year.

  2. River

    They jab from both sides at once now? I guess it’s over quicker that way, there’s no chance of a kid refusing a second shot.

    Love the smurf. My hubby used to call me smurf, I called him troll.

  3. bigwords is...

    Well done you!! And well done to Mr 4!

    We are off to do exactly the same thing next week. Gulp xx

  4. A-M

    What a brave little angel. A-M xx

  5. Sarah

    Sounds like you probably needed the milkshake more than he did 😉

  6. Shelly - Tropical Mum

    What a brave little man! You must be very proud. 🙂

  7. Jodi Gibson

    What a big boy indeed!

    I remember when I took my youngest two for their needles. 2 & 4 year needles. Miss 2 went first and didn’t bat an eyelid, Miss 4 screamed the clinic down and frightened Miss 2 with her screams so much that she then proceeded to scream. Oh fun!

  8. Melinda's Stories

    What a brave boy.

    We had the same experience with my eldest boy, he watched the nurse put the needle in his arm. AND then proceeded to scream when she wanted to put a band aid over the site.

    He HATES band aids.

  9. Maxabella

    Go Mr4! He’s such a sunny natured little fella I’m not surprised he took it all in his stride so well. No needle phobia in his future, that’s for sure! x

  10. Miss Pink

    Nawww bless his heart. How brave he is.
    Bluey was the same with his needles. The pain came in the day after.

  11. Becky

    What a brave boy and 4 really is big.

  12. Meredith @ thinkthinks

    Four is so very big.
    My drama queen daughter howled all through hers. She is due for the Year 7 school ones soon, will probably faint. At least she’ll have her mates with her which at almost-13 is probably better than mum.

    Son at 4, well, I was expecting him to scream the surgery down. They got him to blow out a party blower thingy (what *are* they called?!) while they did both arms. But it fell out of his mouth just beforehand and he ended up watching the needles go in. He was quite fascinated.

    The 2 arms thing – well – I reckon it’s to get it over with before they realise that it hurts. Your Mr 4 is a brave little fella.

  13. allison tait

    Go you @catebolt! Thrilled to have you back – dodgy typing and all. 🙂

  14. Cate Bolt

    I remember being terirfied by takeing our autistic boy for needles, I was ready for the full csreamnig mathc but he was SO fascianted by the whole thing and also when he had to have bloods drawn he sat there fascienated by the needle & the blodo. You jsut can’t pick it.

    (sorry for inflicting my recoviery on yory blog)

  15. Annieb25

    I feel so old when I read about these milestones – it all seems so long ago when my boys had them. We just hate seeing our babies in pain. It never stops.

  16. Kim H

    Aghh! Needles! I loathe them!!!

    Love that smurf image:)

    Just thought I’d also let you know that I’m having a giveaway over at Feather & Nest.

  17. Felicity

    Clever Mummy = Brave Boy.

    Felicity x

  18. BabyMac

    Daisy is due for hers now. Should have had them and yet, I have put it off. DREADING it. But yet I know logically she will be fine I just don’t wanna!

    This has given me inspiration though. Thanks!

  19. Mama of 2 boys

    Your Mr4 sounds so cute (and I love Mr7 chiming in with the explanation, very brotherly!)
    I am like you, despise the needles and having to put the little ones through it. I can never watch either.
    I have been dreading the 4 year old needles and they are still 10 months off! Oh dear, I can only hope he handles them as well as your little guy.
    P.S. That smurfette pic is awesome!

  20. Jodie at Mummy Mayhem

    Aw – cute.

    My 4yo had his needles fairly recently too. He had a little cry though after his. “It hurt!” he exclaimed. He had one arm at a time.

    But when the Dr insisted he take two lollies for enduring two needles, he seemed quite pleased with that. Then we went out for milkshakes, and all was forgotten.

    Ah – the comfort of chocolate and milk…makes all the bad memories disappear.


  21. Cate P

    Aww, bless him, he’s made of strong stuff. Can’t recall my kids ever making much fuss at all, have a feeling I was more of a sooky-la-la than them.

  22. Kymmie

    I love this! I think the four year old jabs are what they really remember. We had our 4yo boy done recently too and I was armed with my iPhone (his games) and a lollypop (which we NEVER have). While playing his fabourite game on my phone they poked. He suddenly yelped, but after a few seconds went on to playing his game. Phew! But he did wonder where that lollypop was! xx

  23. Posie Patchwork

    What a trooper!! What was his treat, new sails for the family boat??
    My guys never minded needles, i got extras like chickenpox & flu for them too. They love medical intervention & funnily enough, never get sick!! Love Posie

  24. therhythmmethod

    Strange. My Mr4 was the same – there was a build up, but then no tears, no freaking out. 4 is very big indeed. But not as big as bribes it would seem, as I think I had to fork out for a not cheap toy from Toy World. Note to self: set limit on bribe BEFORE we get his younger brothers done.
    @Naturally Carol, I think most places that have 2 nurses will do multiple needles at the same time to avoid the pause between doses. Minimises the screaming.

  25. Cate

    half your luck – my gp had to wedge Monkey against the sink in her office to get give the vaccination – poor old Monkey was determined to run screaming from the room 🙁
    very traumatic for mum!!

  26. Lucy

    Oh brave boy! (And brave Mummy too. I find immunisations very scary. Like you, I cannot watch…)

    I hope you both revelled in the reward suprise. (Lexie demanded an opportunity to choose something for herself at our local $2 shop. She was a cheap date…)

  27. ClaireyH

    Yes four is very big, but still oh so small and gorgeous.

  28. allison tait

    Am not sure if it’s the norm @NaturallyCarol – but they have to have two needles at four and it seemed better to get it over and done with at once. I couldn’t watch. I had my eyes closed! I hate needles…

  29. Naturally Carol

    Is it the norm to jab him from both sides at once…I don’t know that I could deal with that..so he is very brave!

  30. Romina Garcia

    It’s actually interesting that you post this, as my eldest is also due for her four year old needles. I’ve also promised the all elusive “surprise” if she’s very brave. I also rang to enquire about kindergarten registrations today. *Sob*
    So yes, I agree that four years old is very grown up indeed.

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