And we danced

Posted on February 27, 2011

The scene: Pitt Street Mall, Sunday morning, restless shoppers swarm between the buildings, scaffolding looms overhead, a man in a tuxedo plays the electric violin, an ever-increasing crowd hums along as ‘Memories’ (think Barbra Streisand) weaves through the air.

Mr4 takes my hand. He twirls under it, Ginger Rogers style. He turns back to face me, holds out his other hand. I take it. He begins to twirl.

“Dance with me Mummy,” he says.

I laugh. Round and round we go, with a couple of pirouettes and an occasional heel-toe polka thrown in. The crowd makes room for us.

We dance.


  1. sweffling

    Anonymous was me, forgetting to put my name on!

  2. Anonymous

    Wonderful moment, I love it!

  3. Tai Tai

    That is so sweet. I bet you he’ll be breaking hearts when he’s older x

  4. Annette Piper

    How wonderful! I wish there were many others there who wanted to dance too but were too embarrassed to.

  5. Penny

    O wow! How lovely, a memory to treasure

  6. Sarah

    Yes. These are the moments. Beautiful.

  7. MultipleMum

    Gorgeous! I bet your raised a few smiles from the passersby 🙂

  8. Linda T

    Love it xx

  9. Erica

    Just gorgeous! I would have danced with him too 🙂

  10. Donna @ NappyDaze

    Bless! What a perfect picture you’ve painted of such a poignant moment with Mr.4. Isnt it awesome to have a blog solely to be able to record these special moments, lest they be lost to time?

  11. Maxabella

    That’s so lovely! x

  12. mel @ loved

    What a beautiful sight that must have been, how completely gorgeous!

  13. Felicity

    Pure happiness – what a delightful image you’ve painted.

    xx Felicity

  14. Lady Estrogen

    Very cute 😉
    My sons are starting to dance pretty good – but then this morning, I told him to ‘shake yer bum’ and he stood stiff and vibrated his backside. It was priceless.

  15. therhythmmethod

    Little man, bless his little dancin’ shoes.

  16. Lucy

    My heart swells at the thought.

    How amazing that such little people can make us happily drop any inhibitions.


  17. Marion Williams-Bennett

    These moments, these incredible moments when our children make our heart feel about ten times too big for our bodies.

    Dance we me Mommy!


  18. Dorothy

    Oh, I haven’t danced with my boys for ages! I just so haven’t been in the mood…

    I’m glad you did and wrote about it so beautifully…

  19. Mama of 2 boys

    That sounds awesome Allison! I love the unbridled enthusiasm of Mr4. I am sure you could have walked away with a hat full of coins after such a performance. Beautiful memories :o)

  20. Naturally Carol

    Love Mr 4’s fearless spontaniety. It reminds me that my Mr 23 used to be a Mr 4 too..and used to dance fearlessly in the aisle at church on a Sunday!

  21. Megan Blandford

    Love those beautiful moments.

  22. ClaireyH

    Children make the best dancers in public, it is always great to see adults get involved in the fun too.

  23. Cate

    so cute! wish I’d been there 🙂

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