Preschool at the Disco

Posted on December 7, 2010

Scene 1. The car. Mr3, in full pirate regalia, is excitedly counting down the minutes until the preschool disco begins. Mr6, who could not get his pirate belt to sit right and ended up throwing it across the room before we left, is sulking in his booster seat. As we drive, a little voice pipes up from the back: “Mum, don’t forget to paint your lips. You must be BEAUTIFUL.”

I exchange amused glances with The Builder before reaching into my bag for my lip gloss and obediently ‘painting my lips’.

Scene 2. The dance floor. Mr3 and I are dancing. He is a dervish. I am Gulliver on a dance floor full of Lilliputians. Suddenly, he stops. And stops. And stops. I bend down. “Are you tired? Do you want to have a break?” (Please, please, please.) Big blue eyes look up at me. “No Mum, this is still a dance move.” He points to his knee, which is wiggling slightly while the rest of him remains immobile. Talk about hip minimalism. “Right,” I say. “Carry on.”

I foresee a great future for him at the dance parties/raves/whatever of the future.

Scene 3. Home. Little arms around my neck. “Thanks for dancing with me at my disco,” says a sleepy Mr3. I tuck him in and kiss him goodnight, thinking back on our shared Nutbush/Macarena/Chicken Dance experience. As we’d left the room where the disco was held, we’d run into a boy of about 12 who shrieked because we’d surprised him sneaking out of a door down the hall. A refugee from a sixth grade formal. “Oh,” he said, panicked. “I thought you were my teacher. I’m hiding. She’s trying to dance with us!” Like it was the worst torture his mind could conjure up.

A reminder to savour every minute of every dance move. No matter how minimalist.



  1. Looking for Blue Sky

    Very cute..the nearest I get to this now is head dancing with Smiley 🙂

  2. cjtato

    Being that I just organised a school disco, I so get this. My kids loved that I was so much a part of it. Made me kinda cool. Taking it where I can these days. LOL

    Love the little knee wiggle. He’s going to wow the ladies with that one!

  3. Tat

    That’s hilarious! Can I just say, immobile dance moves are much harder than moving dance moves. They require balance, poise, expression and filling the music with presence where movement is absent. Well done, Mr3

  4. tinsenpup

    That’s just beautiful. What a sweetheart. We do need reminding to cherish it all from time to time, don’t we?

  5. Donna

    Oh bless, dont memories like this just make you glad you blog? You can never forget these magical moments when they are immortalized in print

  6. Jo

    Sounds like he has listened well to one of my dance lectures!He could well pass a few words of his ‘this is dancing’ wisdom to some of my Uni students!! Brilliant.

  7. A Farmer's Wife

    Love a good school disco. Before our last one I had to do Farmboy’s hair so he looked like Justin Beiber…

    So glad you went with painted lips and a gorgeous dance partner.


  8. Muddled Up Mumma

    Love it! Can’t wait to experience moments like those with my 11-month old once he grows a little. Happy weekend.

  9. Kim H

    What a gorgeous post, Allison. I feel like I missed this first time around. Thank goodness for Rewind!

    Treasure the moments:)

  10. Felicity

    I’m with Lucy, it sounds like your little guy has the moves to rival John, Patrick, Kevin and all those other genuine dancing legends.

    He’s lucky to have such a wonderful dancing partner with the perfectly painted lips.

    xx Felicity

  11. Lucy

    Your boy is a smooth talkin’ jive walkin’ kinda boy….adorable.

  12. Dorothy

    How cute! A dancing knee! My boys refuse to dance with me – even in the privacy of their own home! And they look at me strangely when I attempt to dance…

  13. Naomi

    This is just gorgeous and I love the way you wrote it. I could see the whole scene whilst I was reading it. Lovely motherhood moment. N x

  14. Deer Baby

    Ah love it again! I’m going to a disco on Saturday – a real disco!

  15. Veggie Mama

    HAHAHA that bit about hip minimalism might just be the funniest thing I’ve read all week! hilarious.

  16. suburp

    omg, that is soo cute with the dance move! i don’t know how i would have gone through a kindy disco, i was already a sobbing mess just seeing them sing at their graduation/xmas thingy…

  17. Maxabella

    Every time you write about Mr3’s charm, I get a bit emotional. x

  18. Thea

    Beautiful words, beautiful times.

  19. MultipleMum

    The gorgeous Mr3 strikes again!

  20. Annieb25

    I can totally vouch for how fast it goes. Treasure all those moments. They are so fleeting, but they are the best. I love your Mr 3. xx

  21. Sarah

    Man you can write Ms Tait.

  22. Stacia

    Lilliputian pirates doing the Chicken Dance … love it!

  23. E.

    Sounds like a great night was had by all (except the Year 6 boy).

  24. Kirsty

    Oh this is the cutest story ever! He was so ‘dancing on the inside’!

  25. Madame Marielle

    What a gorgeous evening for your family.

  26. Lucy


    I love it when boys are still loving the groovin’, instead of just wanting to slide across the floor in their socks…..

  27. Deer Baby

    So, so cute!! Love it!

  28. Rachel

    that is wonderful..love the lipstick bit…

  29. PinkPatentMaryJanes

    Oh GORGEOUS. Love that story – hold those memories tight x

  30. anjwritesabout.com

    Cutest story ever! Wiggling his knee…I love it!!

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