Our secret garden

Posted on December 19, 2010

Fibrotown has a secret garden (not the one pictured, but I just couldn’t resist that image, from The Real Flower Girl). A magical place of trees and fairy lights and music. You can get good coffee in the daytime while the kids run amok. In the evening, you can bring your own vino and enjoy live performances while the kids run amok.

Last night, we introduced Misters 6 and 3 to the delights of the Blues while we chatted with friends and sipped our wine under the trees and the stars. Mr3 gave all and sundry a display of his stellar dance moves (keeping the hip minimalism to a minimum). Mr6 attempted to analyse the chords being played by the singer/guitarist. “Do you think that was an A, Mum?” Hmmm. Possibly. Then again, possibly not.

It’s wonderful to have a place where entire families can enjoy real music. Space for the kids to get into the groove. Space for the parents to sit back and relax. No pressure. No hokey pokey. No Hot Potato.

Every town should have a secret garden.

Does your town have a secret garden? Or even a non-secret place where families can enjoy a night out? Tell me all!


  1. anjwritesabout.com

    I wish…sadly, nothing is quite a secret in Manly anymore 😉

  2. River

    Sounds like heaven! If I had one of those near me, I’d go out to eat more often!
    Which city are you in?

  3. In My House

    What I love about that garden is all the vintage garden furniture, not all of it comfortable, but it gives the place some soul.Must make a date to go there again soon!

  4. Blocks and Knocks

    It sounds like a wonderful place. We may or may not have one here, but having a crawler who eats everything in sight, even the most beautiful secret garden ends in ‘get that outa your mouth NOW!’

  5. MultipleMum

    I have had many a lovely evening in that garden, and celebrated a few milestones too. Love it! So glad it is still around and kicking and bringing delights to the next generation 🙂

  6. monkeemoomoo

    How perfect, a secret garden for little and big kids alike. I love it. Unfortunately nothing like that were I live. I’m jealous!

  7. Raine and Sage

    Oh my I agree every town should have a secret garden, and no none here that I know of! We have a wonderful cafe called Breathing Space in the day where the kids can go and play in/outside and be looked after whilst parents can enjoy their meal and a conversation. Love the sound of your garden, and like the photo image. 🙂

  8. Maxabella

    Do tell the visitors!! x

  9. Victoria

    We don’t but what a great idea. So nice for families to all enjoy time together and feel safe and relaxed.

  10. Little Ted Canvas

    That sounds brilliant & I love the picture of that gorgoeus old gate! The whole idea of a secret garden takes me back to my childhood, I love it! Our town has loads of venues to kick back relax & enjoy music, friends & a drink..sadly we haven’t made it to many, I’ve always been so hell bent on getting the kids to bed on time! Thanks for the reminder, it sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening. Now that holidays are upon us we’ll be making the most of that!

  11. fairchildstreet

    Oh I do love gates and doors. I always wonder what is behind them. Charmaine

  12. Stacia

    There’s a restaurant in our town that has a playground built into the outdoor seating. It’s wonderful but pretty far away, so we’re always weighing whether it’s worth it to listen to bickering in the car that long! =>

  13. Naturally Carol

    Entrepeneurs take note!! It seems your town is a rarity, our town hasn’t got one of those either…we would love one though, as I suspect many of us would. What a great opportunity for some clever business person to take hold of this idea and run with it!

  14. Kevin

    We haven’t found anything quite as nice as you’re describing. There is an arboretum nearby that we go to during the summer. It is very nice, but crowded.

  15. Cate

    That sounds so lovely I think I want to cry that I haven’t found anywhere like that…yet.
    New mission – to find somewhere to go (out of the house) that isn’t a playcafe, isn’t a park, and isn’t the local swim centre.
    Oh, and vino…so jealous

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