Friday on my mind

Posted on December 2, 2010

Fridays used to mean a big night out. Drinks in the city. Catching up with friends. Dancing, laughing, flirting. The end of the week. Time to take a deep breath – and let it all hang out.

Then I had children, and Friday blended into Thursday blended into Monday. In fact, every day was a Tuesday, as The Builder is fond of saying. Particularly as I was working from home, wedging it into whatever hours it would fit, be it Friday, Sunday or sometime in the Never Never.

With Mr6 at school, however, Fridays have reassumed their mantel of importance. No after school activities on Friday. No reading. No guitar practice (actually, not a lot of that at any time, but I’m dealing with that). We walk to town, all of us, and have a milkshake. We come home. We eat leftovers or takeaway or, maybe, even, go out for Chinese. The Builder and I are on the sofa with a glass of wine by 8pm at the latest, in time for a raft of lifestyle programs with which to while away the evening. It’s our one total veg night of the week. Veggier, even, than Saturday.

I love Friday nights. There are no interviews to organise, no stories to write. That all waits til Sunday night (I’m a last-minute kind of girl).

This Friday, I’ll be reliving my (relative) youth, heading to the Big Smoke to catch up with friends. It will be great fun. But part of me will miss the sofa. The ritual of winding down.

How do you spend your Friday nights?


  1. Farmers Wifey

    I am LOVING your Friday nights!!

  2. Tenille

    For most of the year, Friday is a ‘get dinner and bathtime over by 7.30 cause the footy is on’ night, and sadly, footy is the most distinguishing feature. Our days seem to blend too.

  3. Fire Wife Katie

    Happy Friday! 😀 Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday for my SITS day!

  4. Cate

    still recovering from thurs night…urrgh…couch, I think would be best 🙂 xxxCate

  5. BabyMac

    I LOVE Friday nights too. Kids in bed. A promise of fun in the air and wine in my glass by 6.30pm. I can’t wait for the kids to get a little older so we can really embrace the Friday night…fun night thang.

    Oh! And have fun tonight! Jealous!

  6. River

    *wanders in looking confused*
    What’s a Friday?

    I just get day after day after day….

  7. Maxabella

    Leftovers. Leftover food, leftover tivo, leftover at home while Bartolo hits the town. I wouldn’t have it any other way. x

  8. Yvette Vignando

    Friday-my absolute fave day of the week. Looking forward to the weekend, looking back on a week that is over (and hopefully was good), the kids are happiest, and things I have put off all week may actually happen. Even if nothing special is happening on the weekend, it always feels like a day full of promise to me. And coincidentally (or not) with this frame of mind, most of the good work things seem to happen to me on a Friday.

  9. Meredith @ thinkthinks

    Last week someone asked me if my son would like to join their swimming club. He has enough activities, but I would have declined anyway as it was at 5pm on Friday night. No after school activities on Fridays is our golden rule.We unwind with sitcoms on the lounge. Out of sport season the kids sometimes put movies on downstairs in the family room and sleep out on the sofa bed.

  10. Renay

    I wish I could say my Friday Nights were filled with fun-filled adventure but, the most adventure I get is when I rent an adventure DVD and fall asleep while watching. : )


  11. MotorbikesLady

    Friday nights here means a late night for us as hubby doesnt have to get up early the next morning.

    Means we can go out for drinks or just out if we want as hubby doesn’t have to work the next day.

    It means that the bbq gets used over the weekend letting me off cooking.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  12. @jencull (jen)

    Our Friday nights are remarkably similar to yours. I love to get takewaway and not cook. There is no homework from school and no after school stuff………nice to wind down. Hope you have a great weekend:) Jen

  13. Glen

    the only thing that gets me excited on a Friday night these days, is when I discover that my wife has put my slippers on the radiator. Mind you that only ever actually happened once three years ago, and she is still living off it… it is pretty wild in our house.

  14. Looking for Blue Sky

    I’ve handed on the baton, My Fridays nights are spent bringing my 18 year old to and from gymnastics with the littlies in tow and then trying to sleep while she heads out on the town!

  15. Gill@OurParklife

    normally a quiet night on the couch! but tomorrow night I will actually be going out too…a girls night out…wow, it has been a while!

    I am excited but like you I will miss the couch a little too

    enjoy your friday night out

    Gill xo

  16. Naturally Carol

    A bit the same way as you, the boys go out ten pin bowling, I get a few leftovers or whatever’s around for dinner, then settle into the ‘house’ shows, BH & G then the ones on 7Two,the renovations etc. That’s Friday night…very comfortable! (a bit of blogging somewhere too.)

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