The Chronicles of Alla Hoo Hoo (Part V)

Posted on October 26, 2010

Alla Hoo Hoo and Mr3 have been doing some bushwalking. Apparently, they went to Bushwalking School, where they learned to watch out for snakes. The school is under a tree, down a path. They take water bottles and snacks. They have buried treasure in the bush, but they haven’t made a treasure map yet so they don’t know where it is.

Alla Hoo Hoo is not a natural bushwalker. She only goes because Mr3 likes it so much.

“She’s my friend, so she does what I like to do,” he told me.

I asked what Ms Hoo Hoo wears on these adventures, knowing her penchant for dresses and big shoes.

“She wears she’s dress,” he said. “She has a special green one for bushwalking. But she doesn’t wear her shoes with the stands on them. They would be too hard to walk in.”

She’s got smarts, that imaginary friend.

I asked what else they’d learned at Bushwalking School. He thought for a moment.

“You never go without telling someone,” he said.

So sensible. Once again I found myself wondering how imaginary this friend is. Then again, he wouldn’t really have gone bushwalking with her without telling me, now would he?


  1. Maxabella

    Shoes with stands on them! I love it!!! x

  2. allison tait

    Hi @Anonymous – no I haven’t heard of that book but I’ll definitely be looking out for it. Sounds great!

    @AmandaB – parties are VERY big among the imaginary friend set. Alla Hoo is constantly out at parties, taking Mr3 with her. Quite the active social life.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi! Have you read ‘The Possibility of Everything’? All about a 3 y.o. with an imaginary friend and the bizarre lengths her parents went to to banish said friend? We haven’t had any imaginary friends in this household. VERY cute!!!

  4. Lucy

    I suspect your Mr3 (or Alla Hoo Hoo perhaps?) is channelling Lexie(now aged 4.)

    She told me just the other day that she has a new friend, an “imagamemory” friend, called Tray/Très/Tre

    I have asked if Tray/Très/Tre is a tray or Cuban string instrument or very French, or a three year old Italian, but Lexie just tells me that “Tray/Très/Tre
    is pretty and she wears pink dresses.”

    (And “she is not your friend Mumma, she is MY “imagamemory” friend.”)

    Oh. Ok then.

  5. all.things.fadra

    Oh, we’re so full of imagination here that I often wonder about the fine line of reality. My son talks more about his superpowers. I think his superpower really is his imagination 🙂

  6. amandab

    Oh! Will have to look for that Charlie & Lola, such big favourites at our house, for Mumma & Princess.

    Princess has lots of imaginary friends, and actually refers to them as imaginary friends. Often she interupts at dinner time to tell us all about them, and it seems one is always having a birthday which interferes with any other plans we have …

  7. Kath

    How brilliant are imaginary friends? They’re always around when you need them, always up for doing what you want to do and have eminently logical reasons for everything they do. The novel I’m writing features the comeback of an imaginary friend and it’s been a blast to write their character.

    Your son is in great company. Alla Hoo Hoo sounds like she is one of the elite imaginary friends, and taking very good care of him.

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