Are you a fairytale drinker?

Posted on October 27, 2010

I was grumpy today. No other word for it. Nothing major, just a few things going on with me and around me that conspired to make me Cross. Capital C intentional. The guy who revved his car out the front of my house for what felt like an hour didn’t help. No sirree.

I always feel sorry for Mr3 on days like today. He goes about his business, doing his three-year-old thing, and he gets old Grumpy Face to deal with.

Fortunately, for both of us, Oprah intervened. I was perusing my copy of O magazine (for which I have professed my love in a previous post) when I came across the term ‘fairytale drinker’. Belinda Chang, wine director at the Modern, NYC, described herself as a ‘fairytale drinker’ and believes that many women are in the same boat. According to Chang, men will look on a wine list for the famous wine or a big alcohol content. Women look for a wine that evokes a place or has a great backstory.

I thought about this. And I agree that, in my case, it’s probably true. I seek out wines from McLaren Vale, South Australia, because The Builder and I once had a fabulous holiday there that included some memorable reds. Seeing the words ‘Bulgaria’ and ‘Red’ together immediately transports me to my backpacking days in a series of dodgy London flats. I occasionally drink retsina because it reminds me of the wonderful time I spent with two dear friends ferrying between Greek Islands. I love Pewsey Vale Riesling because I drank it often with a good friend who is now living overseas. After last Saturday night, I will be looking for riesling from Mt Horrocks because it was so perfect. Will it be as perfect next time I drink it? Time will tell.

All of that remembering was enough to put me in a much better frame of mind. And I didn’t even need a glass of wine to do it!

Are you a fairytale drinker? Do you look for ‘names’ or ‘stories’ when you choose a wine?



  1. danneromero

    i am not a wine drinker – or any kind of alcohol for that matter – BUT i do like the story behind things or when something reminds of a place… that is what grabs me…

  2. MultipleMum

    Geez! I missed this post the first time around?! I am definitely a fairytale drinker – a story in every bottle. lol. Thanks for joining the Weekend Rewind Al x

  3. Mrs Catch

    Yes, I’m a fairytale drinker of wine. Anything Argentine brings back so many memories…

  4. Rhianna

    yes when choosing wine I am certainly a fairytale drinker, what a lovely way of putting it

  5. tinsenpup

    I don’t drink anymore, but I suspect when I did, I was more of a horror movie drinker than a fairy tale drinker. I was more likely to avoid varieties of alcohol that reminded me of bad times than be drawn to those that reminded me of good times.

  6. InkPaperPen

    I love the d’Arenberg range because of the wacky names…We used to buy the Laughing Magpie when I lived in Sydney and it still reminds me of some funny times. I guess lots of wines from the Margaret River region appeal to me for the memories. And there is a beautiful German Riesling I always pick for its story but I can’t ever remember the name…I have to ask MM, he always knows what I mean.

  7. Young Yoga Masters

    I think I’m more of a fairytale eater. As I read this I remember being at the coffee shop with my friend and choosing the date square over the brownie and the blondie because that’s what I used to watch my mom make. Even though it can’t be better than mom’s, I wanted to buy that memory!

  8. Lanie

    I love the concept of fairytale drinking, simply because it demystifies the process of buying wine. I love wine and stand in the bottle shop desperate to buy something well priced, good quality and sophisticated. But I find myself remembering that Hunter Shiraz that I shared with my husband, Miles, or think of a gorgeous friend who loves Clare Valley Cab Sav. Need I say anymore – throw off the pretence! I AM a fairytale drinker. I’m out!

  9. allison tait

    @meredith – LOL. It seems you are not alone with your penchant for labels. There’s a whole new blog post in the best wine name/label we’ve all found.

    Thanks everyone for comments. I have laughed a lot today. Nothing like a fairy tale to put a smile on your face, huh?

  10. Anonymous

    Interesting concept…fairytale drinking! New to me, perhaps worth a try! LOL No I buy more based on quality (region, grape) and price…not because the region itself evokes memories. Actually that said, ocassionally I do grab a bottle of French or Spanish wine…just because I like the idea of drinking something a little more exotic 😉

  11. Meredith @ thinkthinks

    Hmm – I think I am less a fairy tale drinker than an Enid Blyton drinker – as my preferred amount is “lashings and lashings” accompanied by “fabulous feasts” be it midnight or any other time.

    I will however buy any wine or beer with a funny label. Sheepshagger’s Gold anyone?

  12. Jacki

    This is such an interesting idea and very true! I once started drinking a wine called Juliet because of the gorgeous label. Luckily, it was a lovely wine too!

  13. Sarah

    Over the years all my brothers have worked in the local bottle shop. So wine appreciation has been an innate part of my family history. At home no bottle is opened with a detailed history of said bottle being given. As a consequence I have many happy memories of evenings of extravagant tales being spun round these bottles.

  14. Lisa Heidke

    I look for alcohol content. End of story!

  15. Little Ted Canvas

    Yes I do look for the name & the story! When my besties & I went away last year for a little girls weekend, we sat down to lunch & couldn’t resist the first wine that grabbed all of our attention ‘Swings & Roundabouts’ how perfectly it summed up life as a mama! I don’t quite remember how it tasted but I never forget the name..

  16. MotorbikesLady

    I can’t drink wine to flat for me but give me something with bubblies I love it, otherwise any spirit or liqueurs is also great.

    As for being a fairytale drinker certainly not that.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  17. Tricia Rose

    Transported by three magic words: old vine zinfandel…

  18. Dianna@KennedyAdventures

    That’s a really interesting concept – I haven’t done that myself, but I tend to order mixed drinks when out to dinner.

    Maybe I will have to start looking for some wines with meaning for myself and Brett. Although, being from Kentucky, bourbon might be a better option 🙂

  19. Bodaciousboomer

    Sorry kiddo. I can’t answer this for you. (Although I’m ooooold, I still don’t like the taste of wine.) I love Long Island Iced Teas though, probably because they don’t taste like booze at all.

  20. inawelshgarden

    I buy anything it’s got Chile on the label and it’s under a fiver. There is also a fairtrade one from the Co-op that has an owl on the cork. I like owls.

    I like how your word verification threw up ‘stout’ at me. So to speak.

  21. Deer Baby

    I don’t think I’m so much of a fairytale drinker as a comedy drinker. I purposely look out for our favourite Nobilo just so we can sing this silly song we’ve made up in high operatic voices or one with a rabbit on. Oh my god I sound ridiculous.

    When Chardonnay was all the rage (so passe here now!) I did sometimes choose them and pretend I was on a beach in New Zealand or of course Australia.

    I’m on antibiotics at the moment (2 days to go) and they warned me that I absolutely mustn’t drink on them. I know they always say that but I googled them and it was insistent – even the guy in the chemists said it wasn’t worth it and he knew from personal experience. So on Saturday we had a dinner party (no Dire Straits karaoke involved) and all around me people were getting merrier and merrier on a very good bottle of Cloudy Bay. It was raining in my heart.

  22. Kylie L

    Fairytale drinker. I love it Al 🙂

    But yes, yes I am. I fell in love- unexpectedly, comprehensively, disasterously- over a bottle of Chateau Tahbilk. Was it any good? I have no idea. What I do know is that every time I see that yellow label my stomach flips over and my mouth goes dry- which is reason enough for a drink.

  23. Mrs BC

    I’m not a reisling drinker but it sounds like I am certainly a Fairytale Drinker. Recently I bought this yummo red wine because it had a black chicken on the label. Wish I could remember what it was, I’d like to buy it again…

  24. John Lacey

    “According to Chang, men will look on a wine list for the famous wine or a big alcohol content.”

    This made me chuckle. Then I imagined some guy saying, “Check out the alcohol content on her!”

  25. JANE

    Mmm, Allison, a woman after my own heart. Riesling. The winner. Hands down. Yes, lots of memories attached. I love Pewsley Vale as well! And yes, my last three posts may just have mentioned riesling…J x

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