When the going gets tough…

Mr6’s literary career continues apace. He’s finished writing his first original story – following our discussion about plagiarism – and has branched out into comic books. I’ve decided to help him along a little, begin building his ‘platform’ so to speak, by featuring the first three pages of his comic book as today’s guest post. When he is rich and famous and supporting his ageing parents, he will be able to remember his humble beginnings on his mum’s quaint little blog.

There is also the unspoken bonus of his mum not having to think up a blog post tonight when she has many of her own unwritten original stories to magic up out of nowhere.

So, without further ado and all that. All text is [sic] and is accompanied by illustrations of the same character you see above. There are a lot of thought bubbles (as per image) containing words such as ‘ha’ and ‘ha ha’. The text inside these is identified below with TB. I can’t use all illustrations as he has used his own name throughout – I have yet to discuss with him the joys of the nom de plume.

the ADVentURES of [Mr6] the night in shiny amar  – TB ‘ha’

page 1:
once there was a night his name was [Mr6]. TB – will I win. I have to win. will I. ha you lose.

page 2 (pictured)
he was going to win a batle when he ran away. TB – I new it I am not going to win.

He assures me there is more to come. I don’t know about you, but I’m desperate to find out the night’s motivation for running away. Any suggestions as to what the reason might be?

{image: Mr6}