What colour was your day?

Posted on September 26, 2010

A perfect Sunday. Bright blue sky, light breeze, not so much as a fluffy white cloud. Today, Fam Fibro shook off winter and embraced the best that the Fibrotown region has to offer. A long walk along the cycle track by the beach.

Mr3’s little legs pumping on his ‘big boy’ bike, proud to show us that his braking has advanced enough that he can now actually stop. Mr6 scooting along, about 50 metres ahead, asserting his independence – checking over his shoulder regularly and stopping to wait if he couldn’t see us. The Builder carrying his footy, chipping over the top and regathering… well, mostly regathering.

Me, half jogging, half walking, trying to keep Mr3 within arm’s length, in case – in case of what? Not sure.

At the creek, the boys were in the water in seconds. “We won’t get wet,” they chorused, all three. Result, two little boys in underpants within two minutes, wet shorts dangling from bike handles, trying their hardest to dry. All of us with sand between our toes. Mr3 sighting crocodiles. Mr6 defending us all from water dragons with a stick. The Builder wandering around, attention captivated by the sandcastle built by two other boys. They’d captured some little crabs and had built them a new home. Fortunately, for the crabs, the tide was on its way in. They wouldn’t be there long before a wall of water disintegrated their new home, releasing them back to their old one.

Me, half jogging, half walking, trying to keep Mr3 within arm’s length, in case – in case of what? Not sure.

Afterwards, ice creams all round. Mr6 brave enough to venture beyond the well-worn chocolate path into a whole new rainbow-flavoured world. Mr3, never one to be left behind, has one too, thanks. “What does it taste like?” I asked. “Like all the colours,” Mr6 responded, lips blue, eyes bright.

On the way home, Mr3 asleep within minutes of reaching the sanctuary of the car. Mr6 finishes his new Zac Power Ultimate Missions book. “That’s four books since Friday,” he announces with glee. It can be expensive, this reading habit. We plan a library visit.

Home again. Baths, barbecue, bed.

A day that tasted like all the colours.

{image: ThePaintedPeepShow/Etsy}

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  1. Donna

    You write so beautifully – its as if we are walking right along side of you the entire “colourful” journey x

  2. Becky

    Beautiful. I feel like I am practically there x

  3. Maxabella

    I remember this post – I love your last line. Just perfect. x

  4. Muddled Up Mumma

    I love how reading this, I could imagine your little family happily enjoying this day.

  5. Seana Smith

    OOhhhh, I miss summer…. come back spring summer, come back, all is forgiven.

    Your post reminded me of how we love an Aussie summer, the beaches and the ice cream too. Roll around, roll around.

  6. So Now What?

    Nice. Sounds perfect. I’ve tried to look for a post about relaxing, seems I don’t have any. Time to rectify that.

    PS, totally unrelated, just worked out who you look like – Miranda Otto. xx

  7. Catherine

    Charming! The last sentence qualifies as one many of wish we had written. Thank you!

  8. Kim H

    Tasting all the colours…that’s so gorgeous! Yep, it’ll be rainbow for awhile now I imagine.

    What a lovely day that must have been:)

  9. Ry

    Nothing allows you to taste colours like Ice cream! Yummy post!!

  10. Catch the Kids

    Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. A day to be packed away in your memories and brought out to add sunshine when needed. Loved that last sentence…

  11. Diminishing Lucy

    Loved it then, love it now.

    Lexie talks of flavours in colours. We had a milkshake today – she just wanted a red flavour please…not strawberry or cherry or raspberry, but red flavour…


  12. A Farmer's Wife

    Love the concept of tasting all the colours.

    There is nothing like being at arms length “just in case” It goes with being a Mum.

  13. emma @ frog, goose and bear

    I feel like it’s summer when I read that post…pity I’m sitting here freezing my butt off in the beginnings of winter!

  14. therhythmmethod

    Oh, all the colours. Beautiful. I even got a taste of the BBQ. 🙂

  15. Tracey from Central Coast Seachange

    I thought I was the only one who stayed close to my 3 year old just in case she might….who knows what. Didn’t help that the time she actually broke her collarbone she was sitting at the table eating dinner.

    A glorious post which brings forth the feel of summer.

  16. kathleen

    What a lovely post..I’m waiting for the color to reappear in our world here..winter is making us all a bit grey now..:) over from blog gems..:)

  17. Melissa

    It’s been months since you orignially posted this (I’ve found you from The King and Eye’s blog hop) and I’ll just bet that looking back, that day still looks and feels just as wonderful.

    A lovely post.

  18. Lizbeth

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  19. Kelloggsville

    Over from Blog Gems, glorious imagery. sounds like the perefct day. x

  20. Lady Estrogen

    That is just lovely! You had me at colours & ice cream.

  21. Kelly

    I’m so jealous about the sun. Not SO much about the jogging bit. Please send some sun up this way. I’ve been misssing it.

  22. London City Mum

    Fabulous! I could picture you perfectly.

    LCM x

  23. Bronnie and family

    Oh so sweet. A day like all the colours …I’m wanting some more of those! xo

  24. Lori @ RRSAHM

    Hey Al, I know this post is a bit ‘old’ now (posts age quickly, yes?) but would it be OK if feature it on AMB in the next week or two? I love it. That last line has been stuck in my head since I read it!

  25. Jess

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous post. xx Something about it brought tears to my eyes. Maybe because bike riding and playing in the creek remind me of my own childhood in the country…

  26. Melbourne Mumma

    Love how you have captured this day. My boys are 1.5 and 4…not too long they’ll be 3 and 6. I’m hoping that won’t come around too quickly.

    Think I may just have to take my Mr.4 to the icecream shop for a rainbow icecream this weekend!

  27. MultipleMum

    I am in love with this type of Sunday. I can picture you all there together and it is wonderful!

    My last few days have all been black with PMT psycho-biatchness. I’m hoping for a bit of colour this week 🙂

  28. Wanderlust

    What a perfect day!

  29. MsKymOG

    My first time visiting Life In A Pink Fibro – I’ll be back. Great post.

  30. Deer Baby

    Beautifully written. How gorgeous.

    Mine was blue with flashes of colour.

  31. Gill@OurParklife

    a wonderful post about what sounds like a wonderful day…

    I love that it tasted like all the colours…a beautiful description

  32. Lucy

    Through the way you write and describe, I fall a little more in love with your family and the Fibrotown region, everytime.


  33. Seraphim

    By gum woman, you’re a REAL writer!

  34. Toni

    Gave me goosebumps, what a perfect day and so beautifully written!

  35. Megan

    A blissful Sunday. Lovely.

  36. Maxabella

    What bliss! I love that you call it ‘the creek’ and we call it ‘the lagoon’… that’s you and I right there, dear Al. x

  37. Kelly

    Sounds wonderful!

  38. Lori @ RRSAHM

    *sighs wistfully*

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