Other people’s houses

Posted on September 11, 2010

I’ve put on my best American accent and am guest posting today with the lovely Susie from MotherHoot.

It’s all about the life envy that can ensue when I’m writing about other people’s houses for glossy magazines.

Don’t miss it. No, really.

{image: inmyhousedesign}


  1. Victoria

    I just read your guest blog. So true that home is where the heart is. I love to look around other people’s homes, especially the home tours bloggers do online. Always great for inspiration or to just dream about. Good to see the link telling us about fibros – I think they look fabulous.

  2. Crazy Garden Lady

    I draw other people’s kitchens for a living and I carry around a permanent dint in my forehead from bashing myself on the ridiculously designed space that calls itself a kitchen in my cottage. I get the envy.

    Meanwhile, I’ve just passed on an award to you over on my blog, here’s the link


    Thanks for your words,

  3. beth

    Hi Allison,
    I was just reading a certain coastal magazine and found your name as a contributor. Well done! I have also just rediscovered Catherine Shields via your post. I have been out of touch with her for a couple of years but she was so kind as to do a magazine story on my boatshed a while ago. I also didn’t realise she has a shop so I’ll pop in and see her. Thanks heaps!
    Beth x

  4. Maxabella

    What a surprise to find you here on a Saturday! I’ll pop straight over… x

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