Making rash decisions

Posted on September 16, 2010

There were grand plans for this evening. Words were going to be written (including ‘zest’, my current favourite and, possibly, ‘moist’, one of my all-time least favourites). Instead, I’m worried.

When they hand you a child, they don’t explain that they’re giving you the keys to the Kingdom of Worry forevermore. There’s no warning that you will spend long nights for the rest of your life wondering if that was a snore or a snort. Is that a life-threatening rash, or a blush? Is this a bullying episode, or a small skirmish among as-yet socially inept?

Tonight, Mr6 is red. Not itchy, but red. Not awake, but not really sleeping well. Hot and bothered. Moist, even. Alert and cheerful when he wakes to drink. What does it all mean? I tried the glass test on his redness, but realised I couldn’t remember what was supposed to happen under the glass. He seemed fine. I googled rashes and freaked myself out, sitting here by myself in a silent house.

So I must give up. Give in to the worry. Go and sleep in my little boy’s room, so I know that he’s okay. The work will have to wait again. Hopefully I’ll rediscover my zest for it tomorrow.

Cheer me up. What’s your favourite word at the moment – and your least favourite?


  1. WhisperingWriter

    I’m glad the rash is gone.

    And one of my favorite words is buoy. It just sounds funny. Least favorite? Moist.

  2. Jennifer

    I just found your blog (oddly enough from the little paragraph in the free magazine I got from Australia Post!) and I must say I haven’t laughed so much in ages – a pure delight, thank you!!

    Better late than never: favorite words are: sun, camellia and book, words I dislike: no, can’t and ‘can you…???’

  3. allison tait

    I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the comments on this post – so many fabulous and (unfabulous0 words. Thanks everyone!

  4. Crazy Garden Lady

    Having Mum’s cool hand on your cheeks or forehead is one of those flashes of good memories from being a kid and feeling unwell. I hope Mr6 is feeling better today.

    I love the word ‘wonky’ and I love how people in Laos say thank you (phonetically) ‘kup chai lai lai’.

    I hate hate hate ‘re-gifted’.

  5. Stacia

    Glad Mr6 is rash-free and happy, and I hope you get some rest tonight! Why is it that the worry gene becomes so dominant when we have children? Mine almost never rests these days.

    And my favorite word? Downpour/ We had the best, most soothing downpour this afternoon.

  6. Bodaciousboomer

    I like bumbershoot; but it’s hard to work it into a conversation, unless it’s raining of course.
    As far as a least favorite- smarmy- of course I don’t like it means either.

  7. Gina

    My least favorite word is always panties. And my favorite…inundate. I have been using that word a lot. Must mix up my vocabulary…

    I am stopping by via Lori’s Flogging Friday. You have a lovely blog, looking forward to future posts!

  8. DanniiBeauty

    Glad your little boy is better!

    I am loving the word superkalafragalisticespialadocious at the moment – its just in my head !!!

  9. Being Me

    Hi, came over via the blog hop. I’m glad your boy is better, I always feel so uneasy when my little one is sick (or even just a bit off).

  10. Suzie G

    Miss A got a weird blotchy rash just after getting her chicken pox needle, but the doctor assured me it had nothing to do with it.. hmm. I politely disagreed 🙂

    Least fave word: Vag (shortened form of vagina) UGH

    Fave word: Phenylalanine. It just rolls off the tongue in a strange way! Really not good for you though, just as a health warning 🙂

  11. River

    Never google rashes, especially pictures of them, you’ll scare ten years off your life looking at those. Mostly, it’s a case of keep them comfortable and wait and see if anything else develops.

  12. katepickle

    Glad things are on the improve…

    favourite word? Plethora….. I quite like ‘arable’ too… as in ‘arable land’ 🙂

  13. Mira Narnie

    oh a post with the word zest would have been lovely! Don’t you hate mothering worry??

    Fav words, imperative, consequence, lovely and incredulous and sarsaparilla (just because its fun to say!) – i also love the stuff the kids say – they call me a bump-bee which i think is their way of saying bumble-bee – too cute

    Least liked words; reckon and strewth.

  14. Nomie

    Glad he is on the mend now.

    Favourite word? Serendipitous.

    Least favourite? Panty ick ick ick.

  15. Voluptacon

    Glad to hear your little fella is feeling better. I don’t like rashes, poor exhausted mumma.

    Words I hate: Rural, plum, and salubrious.

    Words I like: Miscreant, sassy and nebulous

  16. Tricia Rose

    Sorry Allison, I should have thought – my timing was bad even a day later. So glad he is better – it is such a lovely poem in the calm light of day.

    I just adore the word ‘succulent’ – said in a Yosemite Sam voice.

  17. Inspiring You To Save!

    Visiting from the Blog Hops! I love your site. I can’t wait to get to know you better. Stop by when you get the chance. I have a Meet Me Monday blog hop and I would love if you could join in.


  18. MultipleMum

    Glad to hear Mr6 is okay. *Sigh* Being a Mum is such hard work sometimes huh?

    I am glad you have outed yourself about you issue with ‘moist’. I bet you feel much better!

    My favourite word (this week) is pre-presbyopia (mainly because it means my lenses are marginally less thick).

    I’m never into any words that are onomatopoeic or palindromic (although I am rather partial to both of those descriptors!)

  19. Mrs Woog

    My fave and least fave words sound quite similar.

    Fave VODKA

    Least Fave VULVA


  20. life in a pink fibro

    @TricaRose – am glad I did not see that last night. Today is all good.

  21. Jacki

    Poor thing! I hope he’s feeling better.
    I’m with you on the moist front. Hate that word! I’m loving whimsy at the moment. Need a bit more of it, don’t we?

  22. Tracy (ruddygood)

    Oh, those moments when you pause and tune into every hitch of breath and muffled movement… why isn’t there a stress leave entitlement for motherhood? For me, at the moment, it’s also the long silent pause in the morning – recent illnesses have begun with my early-riser sleeping later than normal. If I have to get up before him, I’m in a cold sweat myself. So glad to hear your boy sounds so much better today. x

    Ah, words. How I do love them. There’s a particularly fine selection above so far (serendipity and epiphany among them), and I’m also partial to discombobulate (probably reflecting my current state of mind) and extraordinary. However, my all-time fave is also a made-up boyo word – like all little boys, he loved talking about his ‘texibles’. Oh, I was sad when he learned to say it properly.

    Dislikes? No-one is talking about cussing, but I genuinely loathe the ‘c’ word, so harsh and unlovely, used and abused, especially when coming from a teenagers’ mouth in affectionate reference to his mate.

  23. So Now What?

    With you on the moist word. Gag.

    I hate it when you know something isn’t quite right with your kids. It makes my stomach queasy.

    Um fave word. Cherry Blossom. Sorry that’s two words I cheated. But just love it and how they look.

    Hope he improves x

    Word Verification: thsingei (NEW FAVOURITE WORD)

  24. BabyMac

    Oh I do hope your little man is feeling a little better today. Everything seems worse in the night – especially at the start when you just don’t know what is ahead of you.

    So. Words.

    I am especially partial to Nantucket. Nantucket. Isn’t it lovely? AND one of my bloggy friends recently went there for a visit and so I could say it over and over. “How was Nantucket? What was the weather like in Nantucket?”. I also love haberdashery. And the town that our family farm is called Dondingalong. Not bad hey?

    I DESPISE napkin. Always have. And the P word (may be used to describe an undergarment) that I cannot even write down as it makes me twitch. And even get a red rash! Moist is up there too.

  25. toushka

    I have learnt a new word! thanks WA Editor.

    I also hate moist. I’m not keen on similarly or particularly or familiarly because I find them hard to say.

    I like exponential and nincompoop, ragga-muffin, and scalliwag.

  26. WA Editor

    My favourite word has to be defenestration. Don’t know what it means? It is the act of throwing a person out of a window. Not a nice word, but I have always been endlessly fascinated that someone felt the need to create a word just for this purpose.

    I also have a love/hate relationship with the word flannel.

  27. Tricia Rose

    Is it unkind to remind you of the Leigh Hunt poem which always had me howling when a child was ill:
    ‘Sleep breathes at last from out thee,
    My little, patient boy,
    and balmy rest about thee
    Smoothes off the day’s annoy.
    I sit me down to think
    of all thy winning ways,
    And almost wish, with sudden shrink
    That I found less to praise’…

  28. Rebecca

    Glad mr6 is okay. And, no, nobody told us about the eternal worry side of motherhood (or maybe they did and we just weren’t listening?).

    Moist is a gross word, but, also, somehow, perfect.

  29. savemumsanity.com

    I so hear you! At the moment whenever my boy gets a fever or vomits my mind lurches to mild panic, given what recently happened to my friend’s little boy. I guess I just have to accept that from now on I’ll probably overreact more than usual. Favourite word of the moment? Conundrum.

  30. Lulu

    ohh I love/hate words too!

    I can’t stand that M word – did you know there is a facebook group for lovers of that word?? lol

    I did a list this week too and just remembered a favourite that I forgot.



  31. Maxabella

    How is our boy today? Rough night? I hope you respond shortly as I am beginning to worry.

    I’ve also decided that my all time favourite word is ‘parp’.

  32. Deer Baby

    So glad to read the update and that it passed. Why does no one warn you about the worry? Well, they do but it falls on deaf ears until it’s your turn to be a Mum.

    I’m afraid one of my least favourite words is Zest – only because an ex started up a catering company called that and I had to see his smiling face on their website for years until I got over him. Before that I loved that word.

    Gusset – but that’s obvious. And goes with moist.

    Secondary is my least favourite at the moment because it’s still dominating the conversation re schools.

    Hope you get a better night’s sleep.

  33. nadinewrites108

    Oh, I hope the redness fades for you.
    I have to say, I have had a similar night – up at 3am, Little Lion wimpering, bedded down with him on the floor next to me, he tossed and turned until 5.45 when he turned to face me, eyes wide and projectiled all over the both of us. Thnk God for reflexes, otherwise I would have copped a gob full.

    Epiphany has to be one of my faves along with every permutation thereof, whether actual words or not – epiphanous, epiphanesque, to epiph, etc…


  34. Lucy

    How is he this morning? Clammy still? Temp up or down?

    Al, I’m sorry, but moist is one of my all time fave words – I fear I have used it with you a lot – you’ve probably been cringing all the while!

    I like some made up words. Charlie tells me his bed is all “scrumbled” when his bed sheets get messy & tangled. I love it.

  35. anjwritesabout.com

    Urgh – I hate a rash. The fact that they can be nothing or something (rather like a headache)…infuriating!

    My fave word (almost always): serendipitous. Although the captcha word is also attractive (if not an actual word): evesse

    Hope you’re sufficiently distracted today, and able to kick yourself tomorrow when said rash mysteriously disappears.

  36. Cate Bolt

    I know this is almost impossible to comprehend but the more kids you have the less you worry. I estimate that all you have to do is spawn 6 more and you’ll sleep easy forever more. Except when they keep you awake… which will be every night.

    Anyhoo, I’ve always been partial to “flange” – I dare you to use that appropriately in your next blog post.

  37. Victoria

    I hope he’s feeling a little better. So many nights I’ve sat up with hot sweaty children, worrying and not sure quite what to do.

    Fav word right now is sale !! Thats because I’m finding so many excellent online bargains!

    Worst word ‘tired’ as I wish I wasn’t feeling so much of it.

    Hope you and your little man find some zest tomorrow.

  38. Aging Mommy

    I hope your little boy is OK. It is always so worrying isn’t it whenever they are sick, but you always have in the back of your mind how quickly young children can go from being fine to anything but.

    I like solipsistic – one of my favorite words, I had a boss once which this word described perfectly

    What words don’t I like – scorpion, this summer that has been a word to dislike 🙂

  39. Maxabella

    Oh the worry and the nights are the worst. Why the nights? We do not know. (Just in case… the rash under the glass is supposed to disappear. If it stays, immediately race out the door with Teresa’s emergency sirens blasting loudly into the night all the way to the birthplace of TICH.)

    Favourite word of the moment: pharyngitis

    Least favourite word of the moment: rash*

    Both the bothersome red one and the acting hastily and without enough thought… x

  40. Seraphim

    My favourite word at the moment is dyscalculia which I have self diagnosed in myself.
    And my least favourite word(s) pink frosting. Nuff said.
    Hope your sweetheart is ok. Have you phoned Health Direct? xx

  41. misssy m

    My favourite word is “ombudsman”- I just like the way it sounds- it’s apparently Swedish.

    Least favourite is “moreish”- as in “that ice cream is just so moreish”- any one who uses the word moreish is a greedy cow.

    Hope the rash gets better. If the rash goes away when pressed with glass it isn’t worst case scenario thing

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