A perfect night for a spring fling

Posted on September 19, 2010

Don’t you just love a party? I adore them – particularly when someone else is hosting them. Last night, The Builder and I went to a Spring Fling, where every detail was perfect. Tea lights flickered inside jam jars that were wired to hang in the branches of the trees, from the pickets of the fence, along the chook pen. Silver tins of orange flowers dangled alongside them. Earth-coloured bunting was strung across the garden. A fire danced inside the circular pit constructed for the occasion. The night was cool and clear, the wine was cold and crisp. Everyone brought a ‘plate’ and a CD, so both food and music were eclectic and surprising.

Are you jealous?

When I was a child, I wasn’t really into parties – well, not judging by the photos and old film footage that my parents took. I never looked entirely comfortable in my party hat. Probably worried that I’d blow the candles out wrong or something.

I remember hosting parties with flatmates in my late teens and early 20s where we’d empty the house of all contents, put plastic on the carpets and then wait to see if anyone would turn up. The most important ingredients for the evening were the alcohol and the playlist. If people were due to arrive at 7pm, we’d be all dolled up by 6pm, having a few ‘quiet drinks’ to settle our nerves. By the time the first guests arrived fashionably late at 10pm, we’d be so plastered that someone would already have been put to bed.

Great nights, all of them.

These days when The Builder and I hold parties or dinners, I tend to keep myself so busy, worrying about everything being perfect, that it’s not until the end of the night, when most of the guests have gone home, that I kick of my shoes and unwind with the half a dozen ‘stayers’ who you know won’t leave until the wee hours.

Last night, we found ourselves in the now-unusual position of being two of the ‘stayers’. Sitting around the fire with half a dozen others, laughing and talking until well past our bedtime. No thought of having to get up with the kids, who were staying with my Mum and Dad (and we are eternally grateful). No thought of being responsible parents at all. Just us, under a black, black sky, hanging out with our friends, surrounded by those flickering tea lights.

Sigh. Don’t you just love a party?

{image: Tim Walker/Michael Hoppen Gallery}

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  1. allison tait

    @francesjones – it’s gorgeous, isn’t it? The photographer and gallery are credited at the bottom of the story.

  2. francesjones

    Hi Allison,
    I wouldn’t mind a spring party in the Pink Fibro garden, the fragrance factory- Port Wine Magnolia, roses and murraya.
    What would you like me to bring?
    Is that a stock image of the dresses hanging in the trees? It’s gorgeous.

  3. Kristin

    Love the tree lights!! Too darling!

    Following you from Tuesday Tagalong!

    Keenly Kristin

  4. anjwritesabout.com

    I adore a party…as long as I don’t have to worry about whether or not anyone will rock up! 😉 The spring fling sounded magical, though, so I hope to steal some of those ideas for our next BBQ!

  5. Anonymous

    I love a good party and I am overdue for one I believe! Nowadays it is usually going to kid’s parties.
    I love your photo. The lighted dresses in the trees is a brilliant idea!

  6. MultipleMum

    Glad you had such a wonderful night! It sounds just like a party that K would have. Arty, whimsical and fun! Nice to have such a short walk home too 🙂

  7. Jodie at Mummy Mayhem

    Sounds absolutely divine.

    I have a thing for candles and party lights. Whenever we have dinner parties, I’m always lighting candles and must have flowers…heaven.

    So glad you had a great time! x

  8. The Racing Secrets

    SOunds like awesome fun! you’re so lucky. and amazingly gorgeous photo with post.

  9. Beach Vintage

    Yes, I love a good party. Any excuse will do!

  10. allison tait

    @Kim H – I LOVE this image too. Not sure if any dresses were sacrificed along the way, but it would almost have been worth it, don’t you think?

  11. Kim H

    Night parties with tea lights ~ so lovely. I love this image too. What a funky idea! I hope no dresses were scorched;)

  12. PinkPatentMaryJanes

    Oh wow, that sounds like the perfect party!

  13. Maxabella

    I love a good party, but I can be really uncomfortable at a ‘bad’ one (well, bad for me). I love hosting parties – then I can definitely be sure that I’m going to like the crowd!! x

  14. Kristy

    I do. I do love a party. I always have. And, I really do love hosting them. I have fun with that.

  15. BabyMac

    I love a party like THAT! I am the same whenever I host something…in my new move I want to make sure I am far more relaxed, everything a little more ‘rustic’ and less perfect and try and actually enjoy myself! Sounds fabulouso!

  16. Bodaciousboomer

    Your soiree sounds like a great time was had by all. Good for you kiddo.

  17. Lucy

    Spring fling. Sound sutterly beautiful.

    And I am giggling over this:

    “it’s not until the end of the night, when most of the guests have gone home, that I kick of my shoes and unwind with the half a dozen ‘stayers’ who you know won’t leave until the wee hours.”

    ME TOO

  18. Victoria

    Jealous? Just a bit! Sounds wonderful. A lovey not to have the early wake-up call from the children.

    At around 16, 17, I used to feel really uncomfotable at parties. Like I wasn’t sure what to do or how to behave. Well, that soon passed when I hit 18 and the memories of fun parties, dancing and staggering home are wonderful. Lots of stories to tell the granchildren one day!!!

  19. Tricia Rose

    What a wonderful party, but does it have to be so rare? I remember a Peanuts cartoon where Lucy says she doesn’t want ups and downs in life, she wants ups and upper ups! I’ll drink to that!

    We had old friends staying, from our London days, and it was so wonderful I’m almost sad…

    (the word verification once again provides the jester’s commentary: the word is ‘uplatemm’)

  20. Aging Mommy

    I vaguely remember the concept of an adult party night, it’s something that doesn’t involve balloons, pizza and birthday cake with lurid frosting isn’t it?!?

    Sounds like a wonderful night.

  21. River

    I love the dressed up tree lights!
    If I was a party person I would definitely use that idea.

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