Could this be my life’s work?

I looked at my To Do list today and realised that it has become a To Do Book. A whole damn book. When I get to the end of the day, all the stuff that doesn’t have a line through it just gets transferred on to the next page, all bright-eyed and bushy tailed and ready for a brand new day.

This does not even include the stuff that I’m ‘getting around to’ (GAT). The GAT List is made up of the stuff that I never remember to do. Not even to write on the To Do list. Like cleaning out the pantry. Organising the carpet cleaning. Taking my receipts to Medicare. Finding my receipts for Medicare. Every once in a while, The Builder will ask me why the carpet cleaning brochure is still on the kitchen bench. “Oh, I’m getting around to that,” I say.
Buying recordable DVDs has been on the GAT list so long that it’s now a crucial task. Please wait while I add it to tomorrow’s page of the To Do book.

At my Big Night Out on Saturday night, I had a conversation with a friend in which we both agreed that, much as I am living a Treechange life, I haven’t as yet embraced the lifestyle. If I had, would I need a To Do book? No, I’d be busy doing and they be things I wanted to do, not this neverending list of ‘musts’ that never seems to end.

My biggest concern is that this will be the sum total of my life’s work. Forget the Great Australian Novel and its GAN spawn (it’s all about the Great Australian Series now, surely?) Any writing time I have spare these days is dedicated to updating the To Do Book.
Worst of all, it will never be finished.