Hump Day can be hard slog

Wednesday is Hump Day. Hard slog up. Slide down toward Thursday and the weekend. Today my Hump has felt like being on the wrong side of a mountain and I’m still climbing.

School holidays are hard when you’re a Work At Home Mum (WAHM). In some ways, it’s great – you don’t need to organise that after-school, before-school, holiday-camp schedule that can be the bane of the working mother. But in many ways, that’s just an oversight. If I had those measures in place (like any sensible working mum), my Hump Days would be much less arduous.

There is a rule in freelancing that, even if you haven’t been busy for weeks in the run-up to school holidays, you will be deluged with work in the three days before they start. This work will take up exactly enough time to make the whole two weeks stressful, and will then end the day the kids go back to school. At which point, you’ll be scratching around, wondering where your next job is coming from.

I’m not complaining, mind. Another rule of freelancing is that you can never complain about being busy. As soon as you do that, another freelancer will be all over you, bemoaning their lack of work. These cycles never seem to meet up so that you can indulge in a lazy coffee together. Oh no. That would be too convenient.

So this is me, not complaining, just explaining why this post is short. I’m very busy mountaineering. Tomorrow, I hope to look like one of the lovely ladies in the picture. I bet Alla Hoo Hoo can ski like that.