A blog about Not Much

Not much happened today. It was one of Those Days. Which made me think about how many Not Much Days we have in our lives. You know the ones. You get up, you get dressed, you go out, you come home, you go out (if you have kids), you come home, you eat dinner, you watch TV, you go to bed.

People who jump out of planes would say that this was not living. That the only thing that makes you realised how alive you are is to try to kill yourself. I don’t agree. The living is in the detail. The daily stuff is life. The Not Much days.

Mr6 has a lot of Not Much Days at school. Every time I ask him what he did that day, he says Not Much. If he doesn’t say that, he says Nothing. Which makes me wonder why I bother sending him to school. He could do that stuff at home.

I don’t mind Not Much Days. Particularly when they follow busy weekends and busy Mondays. Mr3 loves them. He lolls about on the sofa, occasionally rousing himself to go for a quick zoom around the deck in his Little Tykes police car.

Of course, when you think about them closely, Not Much Days still involve quite a lot. Walking to and from school, a bit of shopping, a chat here, some cleaning there, reading a magazine, watering the garden, writing a blog post, planning a story, pitching a story, cheering when pitch is accepted, checking emails, writing two parties on the calendar, taping a $20 note back together (don’t ask)…and that was all before lunch.

Like I said, the living’s in the details.