And the song goes on and on and on and on

Posted on April 9, 2010

I’ve got a song stuck in my head. Going round and round and round. Last time this happened, it was the Star Wars theme (just mentioning it brings me out in a sweat). But this one is even worse.

To set the scene for you: last November, Fam. Fibro went on a South Pacific cruise with 36 of our closest friends. You read right. Forty of us. On a floating palace of pleasure in the south seas. Blue skies, blue seas, cocktails with pink umbrellas.

I’m not sure where you sit on the whole cruise debate. You’re either into them, or you’re not. I’m not. I wasn’t before I went and I’m definitely not now. Which is not to say that I didn’t have a good time. I did. We were with great friends, we sang karaoke, played bingo, ate too much, drank too much and told the same stories over and over. Good times.

I’d just never do it again.

Something about arriving at a deserted island with 2000 people with matching towels just didn’t work for me. Or perhaps it was just chasing Mr3 (then two and not – I repeat not – old enough to go to Kids Club on his own) around and around the unfenced pool. Or the fact that the boat got smaller and smaller and smaller as the days drifted by…

Tick that Cruise off life’s To Do list and move along.

(Are you now beginning to wonder what my song is? “Theme from the Love Boat’ perhaps? I wish.)

Every group of friends has a recorder (by that, I do not mean a woodwind instrument learned in second grade). The guy with the camera. Our guy, M, is fantastic. He not only captures every unforgettable (and some you’d rather forget) moment, but he takes them home, edits them and sends every family a DVD copy. I love it. They are funny, touching and will be an invaluable jog to my memory when I forget all about our cruise (next week, probably).

Unfortunately, M is a one-track soundtrack kind of guy. Every single DVD he’s ever made for us features, for example, Summer of 69. Every one. Despite the fact that the main players in our action flicks were either born in 1968 or somewhere south of 1999.

The cruise DVD arrived in the mail on Tuesday. Fam. Fibro watched it together, reliving every moment (and some we’d forgotten – see, it happens so soon), and survived the inevitable onslaught of begging from the boys to go on another ‘big boat’ soon. (Did I mention they loved it? Loved it.)

Along with the inevitable Bryan Adams track, this DVD featured a selection of sailing-related tunes: Sailing by Rod Stewart and, um, others. I’ve forgotten because every single one of the music receptor thingies in my brain has been engaged in replaying Cruisin’ over and over again.

Yes, Cruisin’. That smash hit by Gwyneth Paltrow (pre-haircut) and Huey Lewis. “This is not a one-night stand… We’re goin’ to fly away, glad you’re goin’ my way, I love it when we’re cruisin’ together…” You with me?

Why am I sharing this? I’m working on the theory that if I tell enough people about it, the song will magically transfer itself from my brain to yours. So right about now, you should be humming along with me.

Sorry about that.

It could be worse. It could be Summer of 69. Oh, wait…



  1. asampler

    I can’t even stand the idea of a Friday night Harbour cruise, so having to stay on a boat for a few days fills with me dread.
    I knew that I’d end up with ‘Cruisin’ suck on my brain.Tthe thing about a really good earworm is that you must only ever know 1 or 2 lines & keep singing those over and over, over and over…

  2. Marcy

    I want to go on a cruise. To be chasing down a two-year-old, though? Not so much! Being stuck on the boat with everybody would freak me out a bit, too, but I like the idea of traveling to a new place while I sleep or have other fun. I have spent too many days in a minivan going over huge stretches of land.

  3. MultipleMum

    The funny thing about that song is that I find it awful and love it all at once. I will be singing it all night now (thanks).

    I had forgotten about the Fibro family cruise (must see the DVD sometime!).

    I am totally not into the idea of a cruise. The fact that I get seasick on the Manly ferry makes me think that a sailor’s life is not for me?!

    Thanks for Rewinding. I remember this post but don’t seem to have commented last time. Mr 3 is now Mr 5. How time flies! x

  4. Lisa H

    Funny! My 20 year old son updated his fb status yesterday with a reference to humming the Star Wars theme in his head!

    You’re a braver woman than me, I don’t think I could ever go on a cruise. I’m not a great fan of boats, regardless how big and after the recent mishaps with those Costa boats – no thank you!

  5. Imperfectly Me

    Such a funny post…I’ve got Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ on repeat in my head today…that’s the “Romeo save me I don’t want to be alone” song which all tweens sing like they know EXACTLY how Taylor feels…my 10yr old included!! Had it on in the car on the way to school this morning and can’t budge it!

  6. Glowless

    I’m not a cruiser. I went on a massive cruise ship once on the guarantee that it was so big I wouldn’t feel it move and therefore wouldn’t get sea sick… it had 18 decks and I still felt everything and spewed almost as much as the ppl who were partaking in a few too many pink umbrella-ed drinks.

    I have Rocky Horror songs in my head this morning… Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me!

  7. Good Golly Miss Holly!

    I’m itching to go on a cruise – Sun, cocktails and not having to freaking wash up sounds soooo inviting. However, reading of your misery makes me think that we’ll do this for the honeymoon and leave the kids (who are 3 and 1, respectively) at home 😉

  8. Lucy

    I am tragic. I really like the Cruisin’ song…..

    Not so the cruise. I am in admiriation of your braveness.

  9. Gill@OurParklife

    i love PPMJ’s advice above…Debaser is one of my favorite songs – hope it worked!

    Very, very, funny post, “Cruisin” is just plain awful…and I have had it stuck in my head before…doing my best not to let it enter my thoughts right now…I think I better dig out The Pixies just to be safe

    The song “Ive been working on the railroads” gets stuck in my head at various intervals in life…And I really, really, REALLY don’t know why!

    Gill xo

  10. Maxabella

    Der – yes you did… x

  11. deer baby

    No – hasn’t rubbed off on me either because I don’t know it, thank the Lord. But I have just read your post about Star Wars and that has, so thanks. Although it metamorphoses into Dallas every so often. Gwynnie is a cry baby and an all round spoilsport in my book.

    I’m not a cruise kind of girl. But yours does sound kinda fun.I always think the water would slop out of the sides of the pool. And you can’t get off. And people disappear over the edge and are never seen again.

    I have been trying to think what the British equivalent of a fibro is. Is is like a pre-fab?

  12. Seraphim

    I am NOT a cruise person either and you have my heartfelt sympathy that you juggled a 2 year old whilst on it as well. Ugh. I’m dying of the ebola virus right now (ok maybe just a bad cold) and keep feeling very dizzy so my theme song is “You spin me right round baby, right round.” Maybe put that on your mental playlist instead? Or put it on rotate with your other song?

  13. Stacia

    Got my first real six string, bought it at the five and dime … Arrrrgh!!

  14. Shauna

    Nope hasn’t transferred to me either. I do however have the Dorothy song stuck in my head now.
    I used to want to go on a cruise but husband at the time was in the navy and i wont repeat what he said at the time.

  15. Meredith @ thinkthinks

    Hee – I did a cruise when I was 21. “Floating RSL” was the consensus then. Glad I’ve ticked that off my To-Do list. I’m more a FlyDrive kinda gal.

    I think the only way to get that song out of your head is to watch the movie it comes from – Duets. Then you’ll feel so stabby you wont be able to hum anything – except maybe Mac the Knife.

  16. Writergrrl

    Sorry to say, it’s NOT magically transferred to me as I can’t seem to get it flowing in my brain…I just keep hearing “Cruisin’ on a Sunday afternoon, doo doodoo doo”. But if THAT one gets stuck in my head, I’m totally blaming you! 😉 Have a brilliant weekend – hope the dual 7’s bday party was a success!

  17. Sydney Shop Girl

    Love it – it’s worked. I’ve got Cruisin’ on my mind now too. Those were good days with Gwyneth. Before she went all GOOPy….

    Thanks for your cruise insights, Allison. I’ve always been curious about them.

    Have a lovely weekend too!

    SSG xxx

  18. allison t

    @PinkPatentMaryJanes – I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess where it came from… but will try Pixies. I’m sure The Builder has it somewhere -he’s the cool one when it comes to music. 🙂

  19. allison t

    Oh – I really wish you hadn’t mentioned that… I’m very impressionable you know. I’ll be romp-a-chomping all day now…

  20. PinkPatentMaryJanes

    Oh no, on so many levels. First of all – did he actually have that song in his collection or did he have to go hunting for it. Bless. Secondly, friends of ours asked if we wanted to go on a cruise and my damned face reacted before I had time to put it into ‘poker-mode’ and I swear she actually recoiled at what must have been such an intense expression of horror.

    Thankfully I do not know this song of which you speak – otherwise it’d be banging around my brain like so many before it. I like to dislodge them by playing Pixies Debaser really, really loudly. Does the trick.

  21. Megan

    You know, at this point, I’d happily take Cruisin’ over bloody Wiggles songs. All night, I’ve had “D-O-R-O-T-H-Y she’s Dorothy the Dinosaur” in my head.

    Romp-pomp-a-chomp HEY!

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