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Beyond The Edge Of The Map (Book 4)

Quinn is back! The race to map the world is over and he’s living a quiet life on the family farm – until he discovers that the King’s enemies want to capture him. Quinn is forced to go on the run, taking to the high seas once more. Can he survive when he is double-crossed and left for dead?

As Quinn’s journey unfolds, readers will find familiar faces, new faces and – well, totally unexpected faces! And Quinn discovers that there’s more to every story – including his own.

What reviewers are saying

A.L. Tait has done a brilliant job piecing together a story full of surprises and climaxes, which makes it one terrific, fast-paced tale of survival.” – Children’s Books Daily

A.L. Tait creates characters that are relevant to modern readers without compromising the authenticity of Quinn’s time and place. Quinn is also a hero children can relate to, struggling with fear and self-doubt and, at times, a longing for home. We feel Quinn’s joy when he greets a friend and his fear when faced with an old foe.” – Holly Bidwell

I really enjoyed reading the whole series with my son. Thank you A.L. Tait for giving him a reason to beg for ‘one more chapter’ rather than ‘one more level’ on his screens.” – Marie McLean

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