Breath of the Dragon (Book 3)

The prize for winning the race around the world is almost within reach. But sometimes the biggest danger can lie close to home.

Quinn, Ash, Zain and the crew of the Libertas are racing against the clock to get back to Verdania before the King’s deadline. Will they make it in time? Will Quinn complete the first map of the whole world? Will Zain bring back enough treasure to satisfy the King? Will they win the race to the end of the world?

Or will their enemies stop them from getting back at all?

What reviewers are saying

I highly recommend A. L. Tait’s Mapmaker Chronicles – Breath of the Dragon, as a must-read book for independent readers, and as a shared reader for classrooms. The inclusion of a map at the end of the book will open up the imagination of readers to recount events, and encourage them create their own Mapmaker Chronicles stories in the locations on the map.” – Juliann Wallace, Creative Kids Tales

The Mapmaker Chronicles showcases a vivid imagination and gift for storytelling which marries fantasy and reality together to great effect and is bound to be a favourite series on the bookshelf.– Hilary Smillie, Buzz Words Magazine

A.L. Tait’s fantasy narrative delivers strong, feisty characters who learn resilience, perseverance and the importance of friendship. The map-making race to chart their world provides a rich and rewarding setting. She has populated the kingdom with an incredible array of people and animals and her attention to detail engages the reader in the story. As the trilogy concludes dramatically, the audience is left wanting more.– Rhyllis Bignell, ReadPlus

This has been the best fantasy story sequence I have read in the past twelve months or so, and here it comes to a highly satisfactory conclusion … Similarities between the appeal of this series and that of John Flanagan’s Rangers’ Apprentice series have been made—and I can understand why. Both series make excellent reading for capable readers – both boys and girls of 10-14 years.” Janet Croft Book Reviews

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