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The Mapmaker Chronicles #4 is in the building

The Mapmaker Chronicles series. Book #4 on sale 29 March.On Friday, I received the best kind of mail of all. My friendly post office lady handed me a parcel, saying ‘what a surprise, another book for you!’

But this was not just any book. As soon as I saw the return label, I ripped it open at the counter.

“It’s not just any book,” I said, waving it about. “It’s my book!”

Yes, I am a goose, but seriously, the sheer rush of euphoria when I realised that the package contained my first printed copy of The Mapmaker Chronicles: Beyond The Edge Of The Map would reduce even the most sensible of people to jelly.

I brought it home, I lined it up with the others on the fireplace mantel (under the ever-flying ducks), and I took a small moment to be really damn happy.

It’s a lot of hard work, this authoring caper, but those really damn happy moments make every late night, every shifted comma, every head-hurting edit worth while.

The Mapmaker Chronicles: Beyond The Edge Of The Map hits bookshop shelves everywhere on 29 March. Pre-order here at Booktopia, or ask your local bookshop to secure you a copy. For more information about the series, visit


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