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The Mapmaker Chronicles optioned for film

The Mapmaker Chronicles filmSo, here’s some news. The film option for The Mapmaker Chronicles has been taken up by Australian production company Whoa Flamingo. What does this mean?

It doesn’t mean that The Mapmaker Chronicles is coming soon to a cinema near you (unfortunately!). What it does mean is that the Whoa Flamingo team, consisting of Jodi Matterson, Darren Ashton and Kate Keegan, will begin the development process and, maybe, hopefully, one day we will see Quinn, Zain, Ash et al on the big screen.

I’m incredibly excited that Darren and the team love The Mapmaker Chronicles (nearly) as much as I do, and to have the support of Jo Butler and Anthony Blair at Cameron’s Management, who have helped me navigate a whole new world.

The boys are, of course, thrilled and lining up for roles in the movie. Mr11 feels he would be perfect for Quinn, and I had to break it to him gently that he may well be old enough to play Quinn’s Da when (if!) the movie is (ever) made…

In the meantime, I’m telling everyone they should read the books just so they can be those people who say ‘Oh yeah, I read the books ages ago!’…

And, of course, I’m taking casting suggestions. My publisher, the fabulous Suzanne O’Sullivan from Hachette Australia, has her heart set on Idris Elba for Zain… and I can see that. I’ll add in more suggestions as they come to hand…

Who do you see playing a role in The Mapmaker Chronicles


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