A few of my favourite things

Remember way back when, when I shared this little secret with you that no-one else knew? Well, I’ve decided it’s time to let you in on a few more of my notable quirks. You already know that I like writing, and maps, and gardens, and notebooks. But I think it’s time our relationship deepened. To that end, did you also know that I have a thing for…


Post-It notes. When I edit my work, I mark all the pages that need attention with sticky yellow notes. But I’m upgrading to these Green Markers for my next project because… why wouldn’t you?




Cookbooks. I’m an absolute sucker for a cookbook. I have shelves of them, mostly covered in dust. I cook the same things over and over again, ignoring the tantalising inspiration contained within their covers. But that probably won’t stop me buying this new one by Marion Grasby. Asia-Express-book


Rice crackers. I’m addicted to them. It’s a strange thing, but I am not a writer who is fuelled by chocolate – it is salt and crunch that keeps me going. I’ve convinced myself that these are healthier than salt-and-vinegar chips but I’m thinking that they’re not meant to be consumed in vast quantities either. Sigh. rice_crackers


What are some of your favourite things?

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  1. 1. My first favourite thing is reading books. Like recently I finished reading boo two in a series and then picked up the third.

    2. Potato Gems!! Those tiny balled potato chips!!

    3. Brothers. Sure they annoy you but they can be fun to keep around.

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  2. I love those green post-it leaves (I know just the person who would love them too) – but all the info comes up in Japanese (if only I’d kept going past year 10, I might be able to translate, but hopefully it will work at home). And I hear you about the cook books!

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  3. Of course I love books and writing, but I also love post-it notes, notebooks, colourful gel pens, anything really that you may find in Officeworks. Just recently culled my cook books – still in mourning 🙁
    Also love coffee mugs ….oh and seaweed rice crackers! 😀

  4. Hi Allison
    Yes I love a bit of stationery too! The other week bought a beautiful set of post- it and sticky notes. They are gorgeous but not practical as the sticky bit is in the wrong place to show off how lovely they are!
    Am a fan of chocolate anything really and a cup of great coffee in one of my favourite cafes with a good book is my favourite way to pass some time!

  5. Well reading and drinking wine are top of my list. I am the only one at work who writes in different pretty colours, one colour for a title, one colour for paragraphs and one for specific points, then I transcribe to a Power Point, where my creativity is stifled :(…) I am also the only one who uses post it notes like they are going out of fashion. My favourite highlighter is pink, I think they think I’m weird xxx

  6. Love a good post it note, although I like the fluro ones.
    Also love notebooks. And fluro highlighters.
    Honey macadamia nuts.
    Watching the tennis.
    Oh and a good, creamy iced chocolate.
    And waffles. Love waffles. With maple syrup.

    I think I’m hungry.

  7. I’m rather fond of:

    A good cook book and I too have a cupboard-full
    A nice notebook or calendar diary
    A good op shop
    A good book series
    Movie at home
    Eyeing off curb side collections-one man’s trash…….
    The Australian bush

  8. Something you said a year or more ago convinced me to own one of my obsessions–the weather. I’ve committed my Facebook Author page to posts about the weather this year. It’s fun!

    Also, I love tennis. Playing and watching–quarterfinals in Melbourne on TV now–I get confused about whether that was played earlier today or is actually underway tomorrow!

    So far, I’ve been unable to get The Mapmaker Chronicles in the U.S. Any word on when they’ll become available?

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